Radio Presenter Takes Picture Of Himself Every Day From Age Of 14 To 24


Radio Presenter Takes Picture Of Himself Every Day From Age Of 14 To 24

Capital FM presenter Niall Gray has shared a 'picture a day' video collage made up of photos he took of himself every day for the past decade.


The two-minute clip features photos that he's taken of himself over the past 10 years, charting how his appearance changed.

Posting the video on Instagram, Gray wrote: "Picture a day. 10 years ago today I started taking a picture of myself everyday for as long as I could, this is me age 14 to 24."


Over on Twitter, it's also been viewed more than 139,00 times and has 5,500 likes.

Many people commented to say his face doesn't seem to have aged much (alright for some, eh?), but remarked on the 'evolution' his hair has gone through - having started off as a flat teenage mop before Gray started to embrace his curls.

Credit: Niall Gray
Credit: Niall Gray

Others also praised him for the 'serious commitment' and 'incredible dedication' to the video project, while some said he also appeared to become 'happier' as he grew older.


One person commented: "This is wonderful! Time literally flying through you. Please keep going. Definitely want to see the next 10."

Someone else said: "This is SO GOOD."

Another person said the clip was 'absolutely fascinating', joking: "Good luck with the hair line."

Gray is a radio presenter for Capital FM, now hosting shows every Saturday from 4pm to 7pm and Sundays from 12pm to 4pm.


He also enjoys making amusing social media content, meaning you may also recognise his face from other videos you've spotted online - including a parody of 'every school disco DJ' and a pretty bang-on portrayal of a 'property show host trying to find couples their dream home'.

Speaking to the Evening Standard last year, Gray said the largely positive reaction he has for his content has taken him by surprise.

"Twitter these days - you look at the comments and it's usually 50/50 people just hating on everything, but somehow I seem to have done alright," he said.


Gray also posts regularly on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, but it's the latter that he enjoys most.

"It's so easy to get lost in it," he said.

"I'll be up until three or four in the morning, just scrolling through. Every video on there is completely different."

Featured Image Credit: Niall Gray

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