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Man Who 'Lost Job' Holds Protest Sign To Boris Johnson From Inside Quarantine Hotel

Man Who 'Lost Job' Holds Protest Sign To Boris Johnson From Inside Quarantine Hotel

Travellers are having to fork out £1,750 to stay in the hotels for 10 days

A man has been photographed protesting in the window of one of the UK's quarantine hotels, and calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to offer him some advice.

The unknown man held up two signs, one of which simply reads: "I lost my job," while a bigger one says: "Boris, who is going to pay this bill? I don't have any money to pay credit card."

Shutterstock/James Veysey

This comes after the government announced that from Monday 15 February, people travelling to the UK from countries with a high Covid risk (i.e. those on the 'red list') will have to fork out £1,750 to stay for 10 days in one of the quarantine hotels.

Some people have likened the experience to staying in a 'prison'.

It has also resulted in many people protesting from their hotel room windows. As well as the jobless man calling upon Boris Johnson, a woman was seen holding a sign which reads: "Our results are negative for Covid-19."

Another woman has been seen holding up a note which reads: "Essential travel. My mother's funeral. Why made to pay £1,750?"


Yesterday Elaine and Wagner Araujo spoke out about their experience. The pair have lived in the UK and have four children here, but are originally from Brazil, which was added to the red list after a troubling new variant of the virus was discovered there.

They flew back to Brazil and had intended to stay there for 15 days on family business, but had to change their airline after a flight on 3 February was cancelled.

The new airline kept changing the dates of the flight until it became clear that they'd arrive just in time to face the new travel restrictions regarding quarantine periods.


Speaking to Sky News, Mrs Araujo said: "We thought we were going to come back before all this happened, it's very stressful. We're very frustrated because the bills will come and we don't have that money because we're not working.

"To be honest we don't know how we're going to pay for that."

Speaking about their accommodation, her husband explained: "We are here for four hours and we are crazy already. If you see the room, it's like a prison with a good bed. You've got to play cards, read books and sleep for 10 days, that's it."

Mrs Araujo added: "In the end I think we will find ourselves depressed."

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/James Veysey

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