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Manchester Named The Best Place For A Night Out In The UK

Manchester Named The Best Place For A Night Out In The UK

Unfortunately it wasn't ranked the cheapest night out though

The best night out in the UK? Tricky one, and no doubt people from all over the land will want to stake their city's claim.

However, it looks like we now have a concrete answer. A recent study by Ideal Flatmate Flatmate has revealed that Manchester is number one when it comes to nightlife, based on a survey of 1,000 people who rated UK hotspots out of ten.


So you might have thought you'd have to drag yourself down (or up, depending where you reside) to the capital to embark on the night of your life - but northern outposts haven't only picked up the top spot. Second place is still above the midlands, with Sheffield getting some silverware.

In fact, London doesn't get a look-in until third place, with Camden's many boozey charms helping secure that bronze medal.

The survey not only picked the best city for a night out, but also worked out the cheapest city to drink in, the top up and coming places to drink... and five of the worst.


Manchester may be the best night out, but it certainly isn't the cheapest as the average price of a pint cost around £2.35.

It doesn't sound like a lot (in fact, it sounds unfathomably cheap - this must be factoring in pound-a-pint pubs to lower this average, surely), but then if you head ever so slightly west, it turns out Liverpool is the way to go if you're looking for an affordable night out - there, the average price of a pint standing at meagre £1.67.

Of course, nights out in London are good, but drinking there may leave you out of pocket slightly more with the average price of a pint standing at a hefty £4.50 - I think I'll pass on getting the rounds in.

In order to get their stats on the up and coming places to go for a drink the study also asked 100 residents from each UK city to rate each of their local boroughs on different aspects, such as nightlife, up-and-coming areas and the setting for young professionals.

Taking the top spot - 1 out of 222 - was, once again, a win for the north with Manchester city centre scoring the highest. In second and third were Camden, in London, and Sheffield, respectively - flipping around from their spaces from before.

So what lies down at the bottom? Well, this time the bottom three spots were taken up by areas in Newcastle - ouch. Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

Yes, the north may have taken the top spot, but also the bottom - well, you can't please everyone.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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