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Marks & Spencer Releases Clothing Line Specifically For Kids With Disabilities

Marks & Spencer Releases Clothing Line Specifically For Kids With Disabilities

This could be a first for the high-street, which can only be a good thing

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Marks & Spencer has broken new ground by making a range that is entirely designed for children with disabilities.

The range is aimed at young people who have disabilities, so they can wear the same clothes as those without disabilities, and still have their clothes be easier to get on and off.

That means that kids with crutches, wheelchairs, and all different needs are catered for, for what could be the first time ever by a high-street retailer.

M&S Online

M&S Online said: "There are around 1.5 million children in the UK who have a sensory or physical disability,

"So, after talking to parents and experts, we've developed an easy-dressing range for kids that's fun to wear, plus the designs are the same as our standard range, so kids have the choice to wear the same cool clothes as their friends or siblings.

"From all-in-ones that allow for a cast (for hip dysplasia) to tees and dresses with discreet pockets for feeding tubes, the range uses the softest materials, the fewest seams possible and hidden care labels that won't irritate sensitive skin."

Great idea, right?

M&S Online

Well, they've also put together a photoshoot that shows some of the clothes being worn by kids with cerebral palsy, Down's Syndrome, and hip dysplasia to show off the styles and useful extras that the range possesses.

One mother was given a sneak preview of the range to show how it would help her with her two children, Edward and Celia.

Credit; M&S Online
Credit; M&S Online

She said: "Edward has hemiplegia, which is cerebral palsy that affects his right side. He has limited control and movement in his arm and leg and epilepsy. We use a wheelchair a lot of the time, particularly when Edward's tired.

"That's why this range is great. The Velcro fastening down the back of the sweater and bodywarmer means I can easily get Edward ready to go out when he's in his wheelchair.

"I haven't seen anything else like this before - Edward loved how cool they looked. The dress Celia wore is in the standard and adapted range too, meaning it can also be removed easily with the Velcro strip. I'm sure loads of girls out there will love to wear it - Celia did!"

More good news for parents who wish to buy the clothes is that they won't set them back a fortune, either.

Items from the range cost from between £2.50 and £26 and can be bought on the M&S Online website.

Featured Image Credit: M&S Online

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