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​Matt Hancock Compared To Alan Partridge In Latest 'Cringeworthy' Video

​Matt Hancock Compared To Alan Partridge In Latest 'Cringeworthy' Video

The former Health Secretary has reminded people of Steve Coogan's inept broadcaster Alan Partridge in a new meet-and-greet video.

People are saying Matt Hancock has gone 'full Partridge' in his 'cringeworthy' new video, which sees him greeting locals in his constituency.

Hancock has been fairly quiet since resigning from the cabinet as Health Secretary when CCTV footage of him snogging top aide Gina Coladangelo was leaked, prompting both his job and marriage to come to an abrupt halt.

But it would appear that the West Suffolk MP is now back on the daily grind, having released a video of his meet-and-greets around Haverhill.

Sharing the footage, Hancock tweeted: "Great be out & about in Haverhill yesterday, chat to people on the high street and see the brilliant new splash park funded by the Council."


At one point, he gives a first bump to a worker in a fish and chip shop, before asking their colleague: "How are you doing? How's business, is it okay?"

A later clip shows him leaning nonchalantly against the hatch of the fish and chip shop while he hears how business has been, before departing with a thumbs up, saying: "Yep, keep positive. Good stuff."


In the next shot, he's chatting to a man running a fast-food van.

"Nice to be out and about," he says while resting his arms on the van's serving ledge.

But while the video was no doubt designed to show Hancock as some sort of man of the people, it turns out the people aren't quite so convinced - with many saying he reminded them of Steve Coogan's inept broadcaster Alan Partridge.

"Full Partridge there chief," one Twitter user wrote.

Someone else agreed: "You went full Partridge Matt...never go full Partridge."

A third wrote: "That is cringeworthy, totally Alan Partridge."

A fourth added: "When you see Alan Partridge trending and you find it's @MattHancock being more Partridge than Partridge!!! What an utter b***end."

Referencing a similarly awkward comedy character, another commented: "David Brent and Alan Partridge, all in one, it's the funniest thing I've seen for ages.

Others advised Hancock to 'sack his PR team', one said it was reminiscent of a 'sketch Sacha Baron Cohen would have done as a character', while someone else found another spoof comedy sprang to mind, writing: "The Thick Of It is back!"

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@MattHancock

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