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Mercedes Driver Causes Trail Of Destruction After Trying To Overtake In Icy Conditions

Mercedes Driver Causes Trail Of Destruction After Trying To Overtake In Icy Conditions

The black car went onto the wrong side of the road

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A shocking video has been shared showing the moment a Mercedes driver attempted to overtake fellow motorists on an icy road, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

The clip, which was filmed along Hatters Lane in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, yesterday (24 January), sees at least four cars being struck by the impatient driver.

The black vehicle attempts to get past a Volkswagen Tiguan by driving down the wrong side of the road, but due to the difficult conditions, he loses control of the car and hits a parked Smart car.

It then skids across the road and clips the Tiguan before colliding with yet another parked car.

Horrified by what she's witnessing, a woman can be heard screaming and shouts: "What is wrong with people! F*** sake!"

But the Mercedes isn't done yet, and it continues along the road, hitting the rear of another car and sliding further down the hill.


The driver of the Smart car leaves her vehicle and stands in the middle of the road, saying: "Stupid people."

A neighbour can also be heard saying: "I live here and this happens every year."

Local resident Elliot Debell captured the mayhem unfold.

Sharing the bizarre and extremely dangerous incident to his Facebook page, Elliott, 29, also from High Wycombe, wrote: "Found a new hobby, watching cars failing to get down Hatters Lane."

But the drama wasn't even done there. The construction worker also captured another video of yet another car losing control and sliding into a parked car.

A loud thump can be heard as the 4x4 loses control and swerves, hitting the rear end of the car.

According to Elliott, the driver stopped down the hill and exchanged details with everyone involved in the incident.

Since being shared yesterday, Elliott's video has been shared extensively on social media, with plenty of people sharing their thoughts on it all.


One user said: "Hatter's Lane is savage."

Another posted: "Madness."

While yet another chimed in: "The more times u watch it the funnier it gets."

Speaking today (25 January), Elliott said: "I was actually taking footage because I wanted to send it to my friend to explain why I couldn't come into work as I live on a hill and people in London don't understand when you say you can't get in because of the snow.

"If you look, the forth car he hit he almost hit the woman in the first accident getting her child out of the car.

"She was putting him in the buggy when he slid into the back of here a little to the left could have been very bad.

Elliot added: "He stopped but was obviously in a rush because he gave his details and left quickly."

Featured Image Credit: Deadline

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