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Model Says She Was Saved By A Selfie After Horrific Attack By Partner

Model Says She Was Saved By A Selfie After Horrific Attack By Partner

She bravely chosen to speak out about the attack to encourage others to seek help

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A model says she was saved from an horrific attack at the hands of her partner because of a selfie.

Thirty-one-year old Martha Dolak, was held captive and beaten by Michael Goodwin, 30, who was her boyfriend at the time.

The 21-hour ordeal only came to an end after Matha sent a selfie of her battered face to a pal who was able to raise the alarm and get her rescued.

North News and Media

Martha suffered fractures to her face and skull and has been left with permanent damage to her optical nerves due to a bleed on the brain, caused by the attack.

She says Goodwin turned on her after seeing a text message from a pal urging her to leave him because of his abusive behaviour.

Martha has bravely chosen to speak out about her experience now in hopes it will encourage other women to leave their abusive partners.

She said: "When Michael saw the message he was livid. I was terrified so I tried to get my things and go.

"He told me I couldn't leave and both the doors were locked.

"I went to the window to see if I could jump out safely - but suddenly I felt an excruciating pain and remember nothing else.

"I woke up in bed. I knew he must have put me there but I couldn't move.

"I couldn't feel my legs and I had the most painful headache, I couldn't lift my head up at all.

"My eye wouldn't open and my face felt thick with dry blood. I took a selfie - I wanted to see what was wrong with me.

"After she came they reluctantly decided to take me to the hospital.

"I could have died if I was left without medical attention for much longer."

North News and Media

The horrific selfie was also shown in court, where Goodwin was sentenced to four years and three months.

She added: "After the attack people would say to me 'he's an animal' - but he is not, he is a monster.

"No matter how educated you are no matter how strong you look it can happen to anyone."

Sian Hawkins, Head of Campaigns and Public Affairs at Women's Aid, said: "Domestic abuse often happens behind closed doors and time and again victims are silenced by the abuser.

"We need to break the silence around domestic abuse.

"It is incredibly brave of Martha to speak out about her experience of domestic abuse.

"By speaking out, she is sending an important message to other women that they are not alone and that there is help out there.

"From our work with survivors, we know that leaving a relationship with an abusive partner can be difficult. But you don't have to face it on your own.

"You can call the Freephone 24-hour National Domestic Violence Helpline run by Women's Aid in partnership with Refuge on 0808 2000 247.

"Our expert support staff will help you make a safety plan and ensure you get the support you need - whatever you decide is best for you."

Featured Image Credit: North News And Media

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