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Motorist Angry After Mechanics Take His Car To Greggs During Test Drive

Motorist Angry After Mechanics Take His Car To Greggs During Test Drive

A car owner was fuming when he discovered that two mechanics had taken his motor to Greggs during a test drive.

Carl Ivers had left his Fiat Punto at Causeway Garage in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, to have its timing belt changed.

However, when the 25-year-old went to pick up his vehicle, he played back the footage from his dashcam and found that two employees had used it to pick up their dinner from the bakery chain - even parking in a disabled bay.


In the short clip that was shared online, the two mechanics can be heard laughing and joking as they make their way to Greggs.

One says: "Do you know how close I was to pulling a sickie? And then there's your big gob nearly dropped us in it... "

The footage then cuts to them reversing out of the parking bay at Greggs.

Credit: Reach
Credit: Reach

As a man crosses the car park towards his own vehicle, the driver quickly opens and shuts the car door.

The apprentice can then be heard saying: "I thought you were going to shout at that p*** there."

He then accelerates towards the exit, saying: "Feel the power, feel the f***ing roar."

But then the young apprentice suddenly realises the car has a dashcam. Oh dear.


He says: "He's got a dashcam, he's probably hearing everything we're saying... He's seeing us getting our dinner."

The video ends shortly after.

Speaking about the bizarre episode, Mr Ivers said he was recording the footage because he wanted to check how much petrol was being used on the test drive.

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Credit: Reach
Credit: Reach

The delivery driver said: "They took my car to Greggs for their dinners and parked in a disabled bay.


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"It took two to do a test drive and they didn't have their seat belts on as you could hear constant bleeping on the dash-cam footage.

"They didn't even slow down when they went over the speed bumps and you can hear my car hit off them.

"They parked in the disabled bay and they didn't have a blue badge so I could have got a fine.


"You can hear them floor the car in first gear and the high revs. One then notices the dash-cam and one asks the other if they could unplug it."

Angry with what he had seen, Mr Ivers then confronted the garage owner.

He went on: "When I saw the footage I was foaming. I rang the garage and went off it with them.

"I know it wasn't the boss who took the car out but it was his employees.

Credit: Reach
Credit: Reach

"The man at the garage asked me to send him the footage and he was fuming with his staff."

A spokesman for Causeway Garage said: "The lads went on a test drive with the car and they decided to kill two birds with one stone and go and get their dinners.

"When I saw the dashcam footage I pulled the lads into the office and went ape with them.

"The apprentice has been sacked because of his attitude and the mechanic is on a final written warning and he is not allowed to do test drives anymore.

"I have offered to do other work for the customer and not charge him for labour, I think he is looking for something for nothing.

"We have built this business up for many years and we are gutted that this has happened through no fault of management but down to individual staff."

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