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Mum Catches Son With Her Tights On His Head Filming Embarrassing TikTok Video

Mum Catches Son With Her Tights On His Head Filming Embarrassing TikTok Video

Fenner Kinch, 16, was recording a TikTok video for his channel at his home in Markfield, Leicestershire

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A mum caught her teenage son in the act of filming a rather bizarre TikTok video - getting the shock of her life when he span around to reveal he was wearing a pair of her tights on his head.

Fenner Kinch, 16, was recording an amusing TikTok video at his home in Markfield, Leicestershire.

Unfortunately for him, however, he'd forgotten to lock his bedroom door, meaning he didn't have the privacy he perhaps needed to pull off the offbeat content.

In the clip Fenner can be seen with a pair of his mum's tights on his head, spinning one of the legs around.

Mum Katrina then gives a polite knock on his door before walking in, while Fenner desperately tries to yank the hosiery off of his head.

Unable to escape the embarrassment, Fenner eventually gives in and spins around to look at his mum - who we see burst into laughter in the background.


Fenner had to explain to his mum what was going on, though admitted she's 'used' to seeing him doing daft things.

Fenner said: "I was filming a TikTok and aiming to hit something off my window sill.

"I think we were both shocked because I didn't expect her to walk in and she didn't expect to see me like this, I was meant to lock my door.

"I'm always doing stupid things so she's sort of used to it but probably didn't think I'd go as far as putting tights on my head to knock cans off the window."

Elsewhere on TikTok, a trend has seen wives and girlfriends send their unassuming partners out for feminine products that don't exist - much to their embarrassment.

Married TikTokers Adrian and Tara Thorpe (@meetthethorpes) shared a video of the trick in action, with Tara explaining in the video: "Sent my husband to buy me a feminine product that doesn't exist."

In the footage, we see a frustrated Adrian return to the car, saying: "Am I an idiot?!"

When she asks why he thinks he might be, he replies: "You sent me in there to get the Magic FwemFwem Fresh 2000.

"They looked at me like I was a [BLEEPED] head.

"The cashier was like... 'Sorry what? Yo Tanisha come and listen to what this idiot is saying'.

"I was thinking, first of all, I'm not an idiot. And then that girl Tanisha was like, 'Excuse me, have we got any more of FwemFwem Fresh?' and everyone started to laugh.

"I felt this small."

When his wife asks if he'd managed to find any, he says: "What?! Shut up, man. You're annoying."

Fortunately, Adrian was later able to get his own back, sending Tara into Halfords for some 'blinker fluid'.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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