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Mum Left In Agony After Mistaking Nail Glue For Hay Fever Drops And Seals Eyes Shut


Mum Left In Agony After Mistaking Nail Glue For Hay Fever Drops And Seals Eyes Shut

A mum was left in pain after accidentally putting nail glue in her eye instead of hay fever drops, all because she was so engrossed in A Place In The Sun.

Katie Beith, 35, from Cambridgeshire, noticed the 'burning' pain after she put the fast-drying glue into her right eye while watching the TV.

She immediately sought medical attention after she put the glue in her eye at about 4pm on Wednesday.

The high pollen count had made her hay fever worse so she reached for what she thought was going to help her feel better.

Credit: The Sun
Credit: The Sun

Katie said: "My eye was really itchy from hay fever. So I thought I would go and put some drops in quick.

"I couldn't find them in my bag.


"I looked on the side and there was the same bottle so I just grabbed it quick, went to the mirror to put them in, and I put the tiniest amount.

"I thought, 'Ooh, that burns. My eyes must be really sore'. "Then I put another drop in for good measure and I thought 'that really burns'.

"I instantly looked at the bottle, ran to the kitchen and started rinsing. It was really painful."

The Elegant Touch nail glue made her eye close up completely, leaving Katie rushing to her neighbour for help, with her five-year-old daughter Pippa going with her.


Katie, who also has two stepchildren, was taken in the neighbour's car and made the 15 mile trip to a minor injuries clinic in Ely.

Credit: The Sun
Credit: The Sun

She claims a patient had just been in for treatment for also having glued their eye shut.

Katie said: "The doctor said in seventeen years she had never seen this happen and they had someone an hour before me who did it as well.


"Unfortunately, they can't do a lot, just put hot water on a cotton pad and rub it gently.

"It was really painful. Last night, it did open, and when I looked there was a lump of dried glue under my eyelid.

"I had to try and work it out. Every time I looked to the right, would scratch my eye and it would be really painful.

"It was very much a burning sensation."


It became unstuck at about 9.30pm, but was still painful and swollen, with Katie joking she was traumatised, later binning the bottle of nail glue.

Katie said: "I haven't put any false nails on for months. It was just randomly on the kitchen side.

"Where I put my bag I thought it had fallen out and my husband had picked it up and I had moved it.

"It was so random it was there. I thought it was eyedrops because I had no reason to think otherwise.

"It's just a plain white bottle. They look so similar. Because I was trying to watch this stupid TV programme I missed it."

Featured Image Credit: The Sun

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