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Mum Scared To Return Home After Finding 'Thousands' Of Spiders In Bunch Of Bananas

Mum Scared To Return Home After Finding 'Thousands' Of Spiders In Bunch Of Bananas

Holly Cray has been staying elsewhere until she feels it is safe to return home

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A mum has been left afraid to return to her home after her four-year-old son accidentally released 'hundreds, if not thousands' of spiders into her house when a bunch of bananas burst.

Yep, it's every arachnophobe's worst nightmare, but it became a reality for 21-year-old Holly Cray while she was opening up her Asda shopping delivery last Wednesday.

Cray, who lives in Pembrokeshire in Wales, said that when the online shopping delivery arrived, her young son was messing around with a bunch of bananas - when suddenly they burst open and released a large number of creepy-crawlies into her home.

She has since left the house to stay with her grandma, and in a nearby hotel, for fear that they are Brazilian Wandering Spiders, which are highly toxic.

Eugh, that looks disgusting.
Eugh, that looks disgusting.

She explained to the Western Telegraph: "My little boy brought the bananas to me and then they just spilt. They were very small, but there was a fresh sac of them. What if there is a mother spider in the house?

"They don't look 'innocent', I can tell by the look of them.

"There were a few inside a little sac, but there's a fresh sac on there too, the mother must've been around in the last few days.

"If they are that type of spider, one bite is very serious, I was too afraid to Google; they could kill an adult in two hours.

"I never thought it would be a thing in my life. I would never believe it."

To make matters worse, Holly - who also has a five-month-old baby - said that Asda's customer service call centre was not helpful. She accused the call centre of 'washing their hands' of her.

She continued: "I'm hoping it can be resolved pretty quickly, but nobody is taking it seriously.

"There'll be people having their heating on at this time of year, which could draw [the spiders] in."

Holly Cray.
Holly Cray.

A spokesperson for Pembrokeshire County Council said: "The incident was reported to the county council yesterday (Wednesday) and we are sympathetic to Miss Cray's concerns.

"The report was initially dealt with by the food safety team who have taken swift action, liaising with the customer and Asda head office and our Pest Control team.

"Environmental health officers are of the opinion that the best option is to complete an insect control treatment of the property (sometimes known as fumigation).

"If the tenant is happy with this suggestion, this will be carried out by council pest control officers as soon as possible."

A spokesperson for Asda said that they've consulted with spider specialists and believe it to be 'almost impossible' that the spiders are of the dangerous tropical variety.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider.
The Brazilian Wandering Spider.

The spokesperson said: "We sell around one billion bananas every year and each and every one is washed, sprayed and manually checked for quality and stowaways before being transported to the UK.

"We are in contact with Ms Cray to look into the matter in detail and to find a resolution.

"We'd also like to reassure all our customers at our Pembroke store that the chance of finding a spider is incredibly low and it's even less likely that a tropical spider could survive outside of their warm climate."

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