​Mum ‘So Disappointed’ With Son Over His New 'Convict' Haircut

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​Mum ‘So Disappointed’ With Son Over His New 'Convict' Haircut

Whenever you get a haircut, seeing your reflection in the mirror can sometimes feel a bit unnatural for a few days. The fringe might be a bit too short, the neckline a bit too sharp - that sort of thing.

But not only can you rely on the fact that eventually it'll settle down a bit and you'll feel yourself again, you also know that at least your parents will always be nice about it, even if that means them lying to your face gushing about just how much they love it.

Right? Well, no, not always.

Turns out parents aren't unconditionally fond of your new haircuts - as one guy found out recently when his mum found out about his new buzzcut.


Eighteen-year-old Addison Senior wasn't happy with a haircut he'd just had, so decided to take things into his own hands, shaving the dodgy hairdo off altogether.

His mum, however, wasn't quite so impressed with his new look, texting him: "Not impressed whatsoever with your hair. It's like you want to make yourself look as ugly as possible. What the hell is wrong with you?"

And just to really hit the message home, she added: "So disappointed."


Addison, an apprentice railway engineer from Doncaster, shared a screenshot of his mum's message on Twitter, where it soon racked up 13,000 likes and almost a thousand retweets.

Disappointed mums must be fairly relatable, it seems.

"I don't think my mum is a big fan of my haircut," he tweeted, along with a photo of the offending new hairdo - and the full exchange he had with his mum.

Addison replied to say her message was 'really nasty', but his mum still wasn't having it.


"I'm really upset that you've done that," she texted back.


Addison then innocently asked her: "Do you not love me for who I am?"

His mum replied: "Obviously doesn't change how much I love you. Just don't understand when you are a good looking man you want to make yourself the exact opposite of that.


"I struggle to understand your thought processes."

Addison, pre-buzzcut. Credit: Addison Senior
Addison, pre-buzzcut. Credit: Addison Senior

Addison had decided to go for the bold look to try and fix a hairdo he wasn't keen on - something that many of us will often do, especially when we're feeling too awkward to tell our barber or hairdresser that we're not happy with what they've done.

"I went for the hair cut because I had previously had a haircut I didn't like and I wanted to get rid of it, so I decided to shave it off," Addison told LADbible.


"My mum has seen it and she still very much dislikes it," Addison said.

"She said I looked like a convict."

What about his mates? You'd think the fella could surely rely on them for a bit of moral support.

"Some of my friends like it," he told us.

"Others say I look like an egg."


At least Addison has some sympathy from the online world, where many others are commenting to say they've been in the same boat.

One person tagged a mate, writing: "You're not the only one struggling."

A second said: "Mine has made me even better looking than I already was and she's still angry, don't understand women m8!"

Others were tagged by their girlfriends, saying it was something they tended to do if their boyfriend did the same.

Replying to one of their friends, one woman also wrote: "This is mum when we get our eyebrows waxed and tinted hahahah."

It's alright, guys, hair grows back. You'll all be grand.

Featured Image Credit: Addison Senior

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