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Mum Spends £3,000 On Christmas Decorations, Turning Home Into Winter Wonderland

Mum Spends £3,000 On Christmas Decorations, Turning Home Into Winter Wonderland

A video of her super festive home has gone viral

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A mum from Essex is giving Buddy a run for his money with her love of Christmas.

Joanne Buckley, 38, loves the festive period so much she's splashed out an eye-watering £3,000 on decorations to turn her house into a winter-wonderland, featuring man-sized gingerbread men, drummer men and massive teddy bears.

The mum-of-one has four giant Christmas trees, one of which is a whopping 8ft tall and cost her £800, all of which are immaculately decorated.

Joanne has given the rooms in her house a theme each, with the living room having a Santa theme, the hallway decked out in candy-cane stripes and another room having being Grinch-themed. I think I'd be most at home in the Grinch room, personally.

"This year has probably been about £3000 but I add a bit more each year," Joanne explained.

"One of the trees alone cost £800. It's not a cheap hobby. I am a bit obsessed with it."

The outside of her home is as festive as the inside.

Outside her home, which she shares with partner Andrew, 48, and 11-year-old son Joseph, there's also an abundance of lights, flashing snowmen and a teddy bear.

Joanne says her other half and son love the decorations as much as she does.

"He [Andrew] really likes it, he funds my fetish," she added.

"The kids love it. We wear Christmas jumpers every day."

And it's not just Christmas she loves, Joanne also goes all out for Halloween.

She said: "This Halloween I had a graveyard in the driveway and had about a hundred kids coming up to the door.

One of the trees is 8ft tall.

"Christmas and Halloween are the big ones. It's been crazy."

Since sharing a video of her decorations online, Joanne has found herself going viral, with her video racking up hundreds of thousands of views.

Speaking about the new-found viral fame, Joanne added: "I've had a lot of nice comments and it's nice to know that people appreciate it."

Joanne isn't the only person going viral thanks to their OTT Christmas decorations.

Joanne Buckley with her partner Andrew and 11-year-old son Joseph.

Martin Yandle, 36, decked his house out with a full 15-minute lighting and song sequence based on his kid's favourites.favourites.

The impressive light-show features the super annoying Baby Shark and a bunch of other children's song set to lights.

Martin said: "The choice of songs is based around my children's favourite songs."

"My neighbours have been very supportive so far.

"The volume can be controlled, and the sound is only heard when people are outside watching the show and holding down the button to activate the sound."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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