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Mum's Photos Show The Improvement In Her Son After Using CBD Oil

Mum's Photos Show The Improvement In Her Son After Using CBD Oil

Alfie Dingley's mum says the CBD oil has been a 'miracle' in helping treat his condition

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

The mother of a young boy whose case made medicinal cannabis available by prescription in the UK has said he was doing 'really well' thanks to the treatment.

Alfie Dingley suffers from a rare form of epilepsy that was causing him to have horrific seizures and had to undergo treatment that left him unable to live a normal life.

Now, seven-year-old Alfie's mum, Hannah Deacon, has shared his progress with the world - and it's pretty amazing.

Since he received the special licence from Home Secretary Sajid Javid, Alfie has been able to attend school regularly, ride a bike, and generally live his life like every kid should.

BPM Media/Hannah Deacon

Alfie still suffers from developmental issues, but his mum was keen to point out that his quality of life has drastically improved. She even went as far as to call the medicinal cannabis oil "a miracle".

She said: "Today, Alfie is a happy and cheeky boy. He loves riding his bike and all of his cognitive development issues are much easier to deal with now,"

Alfie developed his condition as a child and - until very recently - was being treated with steroids.

Alfie's condition was so bad that his family moved to The Netherlands so that he could be part of a CBD oil trial.


When that ended, Alfie got quickly worse again, prompting the Home Secretary to allow him to have the oil in the UK.

Now, medicinal cannabis will be available on prescription in the UK as of November 1st. This is in part thanks to the efforts of Alfie's family and their supporters, as well as others who campaigned for the treatment to be available to those in need.

His mum continued: "Our MP arranged a meeting with the Home Office in the March and we took a petition bearing 370,000 signatures to Downing Street where we met the Prime Minister Theresa May.

"We told her about Alfie and she said she would do all she could to help. We were pleased.

"But then it seemed like we were faced with a pharmaceutical trial application - we weren't a big national drugs company we were just a family with a small child who desperately needed medication,

"It became apparent by June that we weren't getting anywhere so I did an interview on Radio 4 where I talked about my meeting with Theresa May and how I felt I'd been let down.

"Soon after, home secretary Sajid Javid got in touch to say they were issuing Alfie with a licence and reviewing cannabis as a medication.

"We were delighted. Our doctor is now free to prescribe this medication for our son without worry of his career or any of his colleagues saying that he shouldn't.

"And, as soon as Alfie had cannabis oil back in his system, he started to do really well again."

Now, Alfie is happy on his medication and can even ride a bike. Mrs Deacon added: "It's absolutely amazing that he can do that.

"We had tried to help him learn to ride his bike but he just sat there and pedalled backwards which is sad because every little boy should be able to ride a bike."

Here's hoping that Alfie's treatment and quality of life continue to improve.

Featured Image Credit: BPM Media/Hannah Deacon

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