New Oval-Shaped UK Roundabout Branded 'Bizarre' And 'Dangerous'

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New Oval-Shaped UK Roundabout Branded 'Bizarre' And 'Dangerous'

A new oval-shaped roundabout has been branded 'completely and utterly bizarre' and 'bloody dangerous'.

Drone photos show the newly-opened junction in Douglas, Isle of Man, which is comprised of three rings at the convergence of three roads.

Despite its unusual appearance, the Isle of Man (IoM) government has insisted it works like any other roundabout - but locals think it is confusing and dangerous.

Would you know what to do here? Credit: SWNS
Would you know what to do here? Credit: SWNS

Islander Craig Goffin, who took the pictures, said: "This new roundabout is completely and utterly bizarre.

"It makes no sense to me, why not just put a regular roundabout in there? It's just confusing for everyone.

"I'm worried that there will be accidents there because for some people it will be impossible to work out. They'll pull up to it and not know what all these lines mean or where to go. It's not the kind of roundabout anyone is familiar with.

"People seem a bit panicked about it."


Craig's not wrong - thousands of residents have taken to social media to slag it off.

On Facebook, one fella wrote: "It's bloody dangerous. I'm at a loss as to who thought this was a good idea, you can see the gradient from certain angles and not from others.

"This design is for pages in a 'mind puzzle' book... shocking!"

Another added: "A totally logical design - if you were on mind bending drugs, that is.


"Reminds me of one of those puzzles where you have to guide the little ball bearing to the centre.

"Other than that, it looks truly atrocious."

Many locals think it is dangerous. Credit: SWNS
Many locals think it is dangerous. Credit: SWNS

The IoM government has pointed out that the design was subject to planning approval, describing the unusual junction as a 'roundel' - which is a circular disc used as a symbol.


The word is most commonly used to refer to a type of national insignia used on military aircraft, like the red, white and blue Royal Air Force symbol.

The IoM government has attempted to reassure residents - while also confirming that another similarly designed roundabout is going to be installed nearby.

A statement read: "The Department of Infrastructure would like to reassure motorists that the two roundels being installed... are to be driven in the same way as any other roundabout.

"Roundels are designed not to have a traditional central island or a white-domed marking due to the nature of their design.


"They also act as a form of traffic calming, with both roundels sited within the 20mph speed limit for Douglas Promenade."

Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker added that people would stop being daunted by them soon enough.

He said: "Roundels are part of modern highway design, having been used in the UK for a number of years.

"I feel, once the overall area is complete, motorists will soon get used to them."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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