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New Rules Customers Will Have To Follow When Going To Wetherspoon

New Rules Customers Will Have To Follow When Going To Wetherspoon

The pub chain has introduced a series of new safety measures as it looks to reopen

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

This weekend marks a big day: the reopening of pubs and restaurants. But with coronavirus still posing a huge risk to public health, businesses have had to introduce a series of safety measures to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

And that's no different for one of the country's biggest pub chains, Wetherspoon, which has reportedly spent £11 million on bringing its drinking holes up to scratch.

So, if you're planning on going down with some mates this Saturday (4 July), things will not be quite as they were before.

Here are the new rules punters will have to follow when visiting a Spoons.


With pubs now only allowed to let a certain number of people inside to adhere with social distancing guidelines, and with strict time slots and booking system in place, customers may have to queue outside before entering.

Group Sizes

This leads on from the last point. With social distancing still in place, you won't be able to head out with every one of your mates, so you'll have to choose wisely when it comes to who you're going to celebrate the big day with.

No pressure, it's only been three months.


Hand Sanitiser

By this point this should really go without saying, but customers will be required to wash their hands before entering any of their premises. And while this isn't something staff are going to be strictly enforcing, it's something we should all be well-versed in by now.

Stations will also be set up inside the pubs so that you can keep topping up when you need to.

Order Using The Wetherspoon App

Now, while we will have used it at some point or another, we will be using much more often from now on.

In order to prevent the potential spread of the virus, customers are being asked to try and use the app to get their round in, which will then be brought to the table by a member of staff.

If you can't use the app for whatever reason, you can still order from the bar but will then have to return to your seat and wait for your order to be brought over.



Customers have been asked to pay using the app, again to avoid any unnecessary contact with other punters or staff.

However, you will be able to use contactless payments if this is not possible. The limit has been raised to £45 for a card and £100 for Apple Pay.

You will also be able to pay with cash, but it will only be accepted at specific tills.

Gift Cards

Even those that have expired during lockdown will still be honoured by the chain for a further six months, it has been reported.

While CAMRA gift cards that are set to expire between 1 April and 30 June 2020 will be accepted until the end of November.


Moving Tables

This will not be allowed. Each table is at least one-metre apart and signs will be put up to remind drinkers not to move them.

Children Must Stay Seated

This should have always been a rule, really, so I guess this is one positive from the pandemic.

Parents will also have to escort them to the toilet.


Recyclable Menus

While customers are urged to use the app to order their food and drinks, physical menus made out of paper will be available.

They will then be thrown away and recycled after being used once.

No Smoking At Pub Entrances/Exits

With customers queuing outside and space also needed for them leaving the pub, you won't be able to stand outside for a cig break.

Instead you will have to go away from the building or use the designated smoking areas in the pub garden.

Featured Image Credit: Wetherspoon

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