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​A World War II Bomb Was Found In North London

​A World War II Bomb Was Found In North London

They've evacuated people.

James Dawson

James Dawson

Usually the main thing to come out of north London is the greatest football team on the planet, as well as the occasional Hurrikane, a load of nutmegs and an Argentinian who wants to sign a 40-year contract!

But in absolutely terrifying other north London related news, the army is still finding bombs in London that were dropped 70 years ago during World War II.

The bomb was discovered in a construction site - so when you're pounding the streets of London you could potentially be walking on top of unexploded Luftwaffe bombs! Save that thought.

Credit: PA/MoD

And just because it's old, doesn't mean that it's not dangerous. It could still go off. It could be more explosive than Gareth Bale on the wing looking at Maicon.

The World War II bomb was discovered on a building site in north-west London near Brondesbury Park (10 miles from the true theatre of dreams), just before noon on Thursday. Two fire engines and 14 firefighters arrived and the area was cordoned off and the area is still off-limits.

The army bomb disposal team is working around the clock and through the night to make it safe.

That is a bomb. Credit: PA/MoD

The bomb is pretty big - it weighs around 227kg, which is about half a tonne, which is 1/920th the weight of the luggage the Saudi king recently took to Indonesia!

The Royal Engineers and Logistics Corp has made a blast protection layer around the bomb to protect people in case it goes off.

A school, nursery and homes were evacuated yesterday - and remain evacuated today. Around 50 residents were asked to leave and have been put up at a nearby Holiday Inn. Not even a Lenny Henry Premier Inn.

Roxanne Landripet told The Evening Standard: "There were police banging on people's doors and then I started to hear a helicopter flying around above the road.

"A police officer knocked on my door and told me we had to leave because an unexploded World War Two bomb had been found.

"There were fire engines, ambulances and police cars everywhere. People were a bit panicky."

Work is ongoing. Credit: PA/MoD

The exclusion zone around the bomb has been widened by 300 metres as they worry that it could take several days to disable it.

Councillor Carol Shaw for Brondesbury Park said:"The construction firm have been told that it might not be clear for three days as a specific part is needed to safely detonate the bomb.

"It's a major operation and it could be very dangerous, which is worrying."

London was attacked over 70 times during World War II and thousands of tonnes of bombs were dropped on the city. It's not the first time an unexploded bomb has been discovered in London - in 2015 a bomb was safely removed from Bermondsey.

There have been some weird things found in London - especially on the Underground. Someone left £15,000 in cash on the tube once. I can't believe no-one would have noticed losing that. But one of the oddest things has to be a leg.

Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: PA/MoD

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