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Woman Jailed For Beating Up Her Dog For Knocking Over Coffee

Woman Jailed For Beating Up Her Dog For Knocking Over Coffee

The vet said her injuries were similar to a car crash.

A shocking video has emerged that shows a woman slamming her pet dog into the ground repeatedly and injuring it so badly that it has been compared to a car crash.

Joanne Hosking, 41, lost her temper with the poor dog when it spilled her coffee and leant over to smash it into the floor.

She and her husband then neglected to take Edie, a 12 month old Jack Russell to the vet, despite the fact that she was vomiting up green bile.

Hosking and her husband, 45 year old Christopher Hosking - who was not present at the time of the attack - pleaded guilty to animal cruelty offences. Mrs Hosking received an 18 week sentence whereas her husband received a 6 week curfew.

Both of them have been banned from owning any animals indefinitely.

Bodmin Crown Court heard evidence from a neighbour who claimed that on July 10th 2017 she heard "something untoward" happening in the Hosking's garden.

The RSPCA prosecutor, Kevin Withey revealed the horrific footage to the court and said that he believed that the dog was "being punched".


The footage shows that after the coffee was knocked, Mrs Hosking proceeded to pick the dog up to and slam it on the patio floor from about 3 or 4 feet in the air and then dragged it inside by the scruff of the neck.

Mrs Hosking's argument to the court was that the dog had fallen from the table and hurt itself. A vet then confirmed that Edie's injuries "could not have been obtained in that way".

Devon and Cornwall Police seized the dog at the time of the incident to protect it and because they were worried for her safety.

Edie suffered a dislocated hip and had to have emergency surgery because the doctor could not get her leg back into place.

Prosecutor Withey said that the dog "would continue to suffer unless the circumstances changed".

Under police interview Mrs Hosking said that the dog was "a nutter" and said that she "ran around like a lunatic launching herself off things".

Mr Hosking said that after the incident Edie was "happy running up and down the stairs on three legs rather than four".

He told the court that he understood that the dog had fallen off a chair.


In Mrs Hosking's defence, her lawyer Julian Berg said she had been suffering with mental health issues and had been taking help for her anger problems.

He said: "She is almost reclusive. At the time of the incident she was working but she could not cope."

The couple originally pleaded guilty but changed their minds after the hearing.

Edie has since been rehomed and has been taken in by a trainee nurse from the veterinary practice that treated her injuries.

Featured Image Credit: RSPCA

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