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Guess What? Yet More Bad Weather Is Coming Through The Next Month

Guess What? Yet More Bad Weather Is Coming Through The Next Month

And to think you thought spring was here...

If you thought that the clocks changing meant that we were going to have a break from the horrible weather that we've been having, then think again. Forecasters reckon that we are about to have another month (at least) of cold, wet weather. There's even the possibility of snow - especially this weekend.

Yes, we could be in for a 'White Easter' although it's only really likely if you are on high ground such as in North Yorkshire or the Scottish Highlands.

Don't feel left out if you aren't on high ground, though - you're still going to have cold weather there too!


However, it's not all bad news. There could be a prolonged period of warm weather on the way behind all of this crap.

May is historically the sunniest and warmest month that the UK experiences, so let's hold out hope for an improvement by then.

A Met Office spokesperson told Mirror Online: "In terms of the rates suggesting that May being the sunniest and driest - that's correct for the UK as a whole, although that is not a guarantee of high temperatures.

"By mid-April we are expecting overnight frosts and patchy fog and there is most likely to be a mixture of changeable or showery spells interspersed with drier and more settled periods.

"Temperatures overall are likely to remain below average although an increasing number of milder days can still be expected as we get towards the end of the month.


If meteorology is your thing - or in case you want to understand the science behind why you've been left wet through and freezing - it's because a weather front is going to move in from Northern France and it's not going to settle down.

This means that after highs of 16 degrees in London and being able to feel the honest-to-God heat of the sun for the first time in ages, we are about to plummet off a meteorological cliff once again.

This could happen on a couple of occasions throughout the month of April. Rest assured, it probably won't be as bad as the two 'The Beast from the East' storms this month - but its still going to be rubbish.

This first one is going to be 'The Nuisance from France' if you will. Sorry.

Anyway, at least we've got May to look forward to - I think. It'll probably tip it down all through the summer as well, to be fair. Ah, the Great British weather!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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