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Homeless Man Asked To Go To Prison So He Could 'Spend Birthday Somewhere Warm'

Homeless Man Asked To Go To Prison So He Could 'Spend Birthday Somewhere Warm'

The court heard he has autism and a brain tumour

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A homeless man turned up at court a day early to ask the judge if he could be sent to prison, so that he could 'wake up on his birthday somewhere warm'.

Twenty-three-year-old Bradley Grimes, who has autism and a brain tumour 'brought on by years of neglect', was brought up in care from the age of seven and has spent the past six months sleeping rough in Middlesbrough.

Bradley Grimes arrived at court a day early with three bags of his belongings. Credit: Evening Gazette

He arrived at court on Friday with three bags of his belongings, ahead of his birthday on Monday.

His social worker told Teesside Crown Court: "His is a very sad case, but there is no easy solution.

"At least in prison he will wake up on his birthday somewhere warm and he will be fed."

At court on Friday, Grimes admitted to being in breach of a four-month suspended jail sentence for a knife offence and breaking the rules of two ASBOs.

Aisha Wadoodi, who defended Grimes, told the judge: "He is currently homeless and has asked me for the suspended sentence to be activated.

Credit: PA

"The only reason he is asking for that is that he finds himself in an impossible situation in that he has no home.

"He has been in care homes since he's was seven and he has fallen through the care system."

A court liaisonprobation officer said: "We have been trying our best to help him but whether he will accept I don't know.

"The fact that he has been on the radar has been underlined by his appearance here today."

The Recorder of Middlesbrough Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC said he would be taking a 'personal interest' in Grimes's future.

Teesside Crown and County Court in Durham. Credit: PA

He said: "If I give him a short sentence he will be out again, back as before."

Judge Bourne-Arton asked for an updated addition to the pre-sentence report, and adjourned the case until 9 October. However, he also remanded Grimes into custody, giving him his wish of spending his 23rd birthday in prison.

Sources: Gazette Live

Featured Image Credit: Evening Gazette

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