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Landlord Delivers Hilarious Takedown Of Drunk Customer's TripAdvisor Review

Landlord Delivers Hilarious Takedown Of Drunk Customer's TripAdvisor Review

The landlord of a Bristol pub has gone viral after penning a hilarious response to a drunk customer's one-star TripAdvisor review

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

A Bristol pub landlord has gone viral after posting a hilarious response to a negative TripAdvisor review.

A customer, named only as Chloe A, wrote a snarky review after a visit to the Hobgoblin Hotel in Bristol, claiming that she was refused service and that the pub 'has an issue with happy people'.

"The staff good a disliking to use the second we walked in [sic]," she wrote.

"We are a group of 5 who haven't seen us since uni. They told us we were too drunk despite not having any alcohol before entering the estanlishmt."

Chloe's review was scathing.

However, at this point James Ayliffe, landlord of the Hobgoblin, entered the debate and offered to refresh the woman's memory of exactly how the evening had transpired.

"Hi Chloe, how's the head this morning?" he wrote.

"I'd be surprised if you can actually remember your behaviour last night so, just in case it's a little foggy, let's have a recap shall we?"

He added that she 'stumbled away from the bar', at which point his staff began to realise she wasn't 'entirely sober'. Chloe asked for a free round of drinks to replace some that she spilled, only for staff to refuse her demands.

"At this point you began threatening a member of bar staff," wrote James.

"You claimed to be a police officer and that you could arrest the member of staff (bizarrely for failing to ID you - we operate a 'challenge 25' policy which, let's face it, doesn't apply to you).

"So the thing is Chloe, if what you say is true and you really weren't drunk when you arrived, then what you are asking us to accept is that these are the actions of you as a sober person.

"I'm not really sure that paints you in a particularly flattering light either way and I am completely comfortable with how you were dealt with last night."

The Hobgoblin pub in Bristol.

Social media rallied behind James, with one commenter actually claiming to have been in the pub at the same time as Chloe and pals, and thus to have been a witness to her actions.

They wrote: "Having sat on an adjacent table I'd like to vouch that the staff dealt calmly and respectfully with the situation! Despite being extremely busy!"

Since James posted about the incident earlier this week, it has been shared more than 3,000 times on Facebook.

Will Chloe respond? The Internet waits with bated breath...

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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