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First Man Prosecuted For Blocking Speed Camera Van Says He'd Do It Again

Simon Catling


First Man Prosecuted For Blocking Speed Camera Van Says He'd Do It Again

A Yorkshire man who has been dubbed a "hero" for blocking a speed camera van with his mobility scooter has said he'd do it again.

Jack Cureton, 63, was apprehended by South Yorkshire Police for blocking a police van, kitted out with a speed camera, while it was parked on Wakefield Road in Barnsley on 7 December last year.

According to the police, Cureton is the first person in the UK to be taken to court for obstructing a speed camera van.

He was said to have started to "intimidate and threaten" the policing support officer who was inside while blocking the camera's view.


However, he refused to be interviewed and so, on November 9, he was found guilty of obstructing a designated inspector.

Jack Cureton has been hailed a 'hero', despite being prosecuted. Credit: Yorkshire Live/MEN Media
Jack Cureton has been hailed a 'hero', despite being prosecuted. Credit: Yorkshire Live/MEN Media

For this, Cureton was ordered to pay £400 in fines and costs, plus a £25 victim surcharge, and was given a 12-month conditional discharge.

However, while he was reluctant to talk in the lead up to his conviction, Cureton was full of words after his sentence.


Speaking after the case, he claimed: "I did it because it was a civilian parked on the pavement with a speed camera, with no sign saying he was allowed to be there.

"He was parked illegally.

"The Highway Code clearly states in black and white you must have a sign, or be clearly marked and this person had totally ignored it, it was an entrapment.

"At the end of the day we were in a pandemic, I couldn't get past the van with a 2-metre distance either."


Cureton has been widely supported on social media, with some labelling him a 'hero' which has clearly given him a taste for vigilante action.

A speed camera van in action. Credit: Alamy
A speed camera van in action. Credit: Alamy

"I had great fun doing it, they threatened to arrest me and everything" he said.

"But, as soon as I started filming, they stopped threatening. I refused to give my name."


He is now planning to set up a fundraising page to help him pay the costs after being hailed as a "hero" on social media.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: "Cureton continued to stand behind the vehicle, blocking the speed enforcement camera's view, while intimidating the Policing Support Officer."

However, Cureton responded: "I gave them some grief, I called the civilian some things, he must have thought I was going to run after and kick him.

"I can barely walk without two sticks, that's why I use a mobility scooter. I have a back injury and I'm diabetic so I have no choice but to use my scooter."

He also claimed a police officer had put his foot under the tyre of his mobility scooter so he couldn't go anywhere.

South Yorkshire Police's head of safety cameras and ticket processing, Scott Dernie, added: "Our staff do not deserve to be intimidated and threatened while carrying out their duties.

"We are pleased with this court result, and hope it will show all members of the public that such behaviour towards or staff will not be tolerated."

But when asked if he would repeat his actions, Cureton said: "Too right would, I do it again."

Not all heroes wear capes.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Topics: UK News, Speeding, crime

Simon Catling
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