Muslim Student Refused Entry To Maccies Because Of Her Hijab

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Muslim Student Refused Entry To Maccies Because Of Her Hijab

A late-night McDonald's security guard has got himself into hot water after allegedly refusing entry to a woman wearing a hijab.

Credit: Twitter/@south_sab

The 19-year-old branded the incident a hate crime and other customers even came to her defence, telling the man he can't legally stop her from coming into the restaurant.


In the video, posted onto social media, the woman says: "I go to all the shops and restaurants I want in my hijab and I buy the food that I want to buy. It's not just a matter of taking it off. I wear it for religious reasons and I'm not ashamed of it.

"And I will stand in line and I will get the food that I want because this isn't OK. I just want to know who is implementing this policy because it's fucking ridiculous.

"I've been living the UK for 19 years now and this is the first time I'm faced with this kind of discrimination and I'm shocked. I'm actually shocked."


This bloke came to defend the woman and tell off the security guard. Credit: Twitter/@south_sab

When she eventually gets to the counter, and the staff tell her to stop being rude because she swore), she's asked what delicious Maccies goodness she'd like. But after that ordeal, the teen seems to have lost her appetite.

A friend uploaded the video and wrote on Twitter: "When she started recording the incident, she was told to stop but thankfully didn't. Thank you to the kind man who defended her against the security guard and employees at the store.

"We will be contacting the relevant authorities to ensure this is dealt with. It is disgusting that hate crimes and discrimination are so prevalent in this country, especially in such a diverse city like London. We cannot be silent bystanders to this hate."


People flocked to the social networking site to offer the friend praise for her bravery and outrage at the 'policy'.


One person wrote: "McDonald's is supposed to serve everybody unless they are breaking the law in some manner, as far as I know there's no law against wearing a hijab in the UK, in fact you may have a discrimination suit against McDonald's."

A McDonald's spokesperson has told the Guardian that there's definitely no policy which prevents anyone from entering the chain's restaurants because of their religious dress.

They've also extended a sincere apology to the teen and said an investigation is under way with the people seen in the video.

Sources: Guardian

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@south_sab/PA

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