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Paedophile Slits His Own Throat In Courtroom After Being Found Guilty

Paedophile Slits His Own Throat In Courtroom After Being Found Guilty

He's been sentenced to five years behind bars, but his defence lawyer told the court he refuses to believe he's guilty

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A judge has convicted a man at Leicester Crown Court for two counts of sexually abusing his own daughter. But dramatic scenes followed his verdict, with the father pulling out a razor blade and repeatedly slashing his throat in an attempt to take his life.

The defendant, who can't be named in order to protect the identity of his daughter, was quickly dragged to the ground by corrections officers and subdued.

As this unfolded, the Metro reports, the man's ex-partner screamed from the public gallery: "Go on bastard, do it."


During the trial, the court heard the man sexually abused his six-year-old daughter in a tent. The girl's mother is also facing her own legal battle after being found guilty of child neglect for not passing what her daughter told her to police.

A victim impact statement was read out to the court by Prosecutor Richard Thatcher, who said: "[The victim] is now wary of strangers and feels everyone is staring at her and knows what happened. She can't concentrate at school. She becomes tearful and can get angry."

But the defence said the father refused to admit he was guilty.

Barrister Mr McDonald told the judge and jury: "He doesn't accept the guilty verdicts by this jury. He's a persistent offender of violence, dishonesty and road traffic offending and is a serial offender, but that is in a different category to this which is something that goes against every grain of what he's stood for.

"This is a man who says he would be almost violent towards someone who had committed this type of offence, not the person committing it.

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"He sees his life as destroyed; he's a broken man. That's demonstrated no more clearly than his attempt to kill himself in court.

"As soon as he heard that verdict, he took it [the razor blade] out and slashed his throat. As the dock officers bundled him to the floor they were holding his hand to try and prevent him."

Mr McDonald revealed his client hid the weapon underneath his watch and was waiting to hear the verdict before opting to harm himself. He tried to argue that because of what happened, the judge should take into account his mental fragility in sentencing.

But Judge Brown delivered a five-year prison sentence for the two counts of sexual abuse, which will run consecutively with a seven-year judgement for other offences.

Sources: Metro

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