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Princess Michael Of Kent Wears 'Racist' Jewellery To Meet Meghan Markle

Princess Michael Of Kent Wears 'Racist' Jewellery To Meet Meghan Markle

She wore a 'controversial' brooch to the Queen's Christmas lunch.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Meghan Markle attended her first ever Christmas lunch with the Queen, alongside her new fiancé Prince Harry.

But the jewellery of choice from one member of the Royal Family has raised more than a few eyebrows, with some branding it 'racist'.

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Princess Michael of Kent, who is married to one of the Queen's cousins, rocked up wearing a controversial brooch on her coat. Its design is called 'Blackmoor' art and has been called out for being racist for years, as it depicts men of colour in positions of servitude.

The brooch was spotted by Lainey Gossip, who had this to say about it: "There's history to that kind of jewellery.

You can just see the little brooch here. Credit: PA

"These kinds of pieces depict - and fetishise - Africans in subservient roles. To put it bluntly, this is a piece of jewellery made out of slave imagery.

"And a woman who once told black people to 'go back to the colonies' at a restaurant decided that would be what she would wear to the Queen's Christmas lunch, where the Queen's grandson was introducing his fiancée, who is biracial, to the extended family for the first time."

Credit: PA

Defending her 'colonies' comment in 2004, Princess Michael told ITV she hadn't realised it was a 'pejorative term in America' and attempted to call the incident a 'misunderstanding'. However one of the diners told GMTV: "We definitely didn't misunderstand...A restaurant full of people heard what she said, so it's almost like a joke the way she tries to explain it."

Its unlikely Princess Michael of Kent dresses herself, but you've really got to wonder how no one picked up on this before she left to go the bloody lunch.

Surely she could afford to bin this brooch and buy herself something a little less offensive? I'm assuming she can afford it.

Prince Harry released a public statement at the time his relationship with Meghan became public, blasting the 'racial undertones' of some comment pieces; so God knows what he thought of the brooch.

Source: Lainey Gossip; The Guardian

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