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Serial Killer Rose West 'Going Blind' In Prison

Serial Killer Rose West 'Going Blind' In Prison

Killer Rose West is reported to be going blind after being diagnosed with irreversible glaucoma.

West, who is serving a whole life term for ten murders, was diagnosed with the condition in July, according to the Daily Mirror.


The paper reports that West has been wearing her glasses for the first time in years, after her diagnosis, relying on them to help her get around the prison.

Fred and Rose West Credit: PA

A prison source said: "It's already affected her sight. She's wearing her specs all the time. She's told people she'll kill herself if she ends up blind. But apart from her vision, she's fit as an ox."

West, 64, is held at HMP Low Newton near Durham, where she is reported to have a number of hobbies, including baking and yoga.


A source told the Mirror: "There's nothing wrong with her body, more's the pity. But it's hardly surprising, is it? She's treated like royalty in here."

Glaucoma affects the optic nerve, which connects the eye to the brain, and often develops slowly over the years. There are often no symptoms in the early stages, according to the NHS.

West was jailed in 1995 for murdering ten women and girls, including her own daughter Heather, 16, and step-daughter Charmaine, who was just eight.

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The house where the victims bodies were found has been knocked down. Credit: PA

Many of the victims were tortured and sexually abused before being killed and buried at the infamous property on Cromwell Street, which West shared with her husband Fred - it has since been demolished.

Fred West killed himself in prison before he the case against him ever went to court.

A fellow prisoner told the Daily Star that West needs to be under the constant watch of guards, so she isn't attacked by other inmates.

The unnamed source is reported to have said: "West's life is planned to the letter, because her notoriety makes her very vulnerable to attacks from fellow inmates.

Credit: PA

"It also means that when she requires medical attention or prescribed drugs, the entire wing is locked down so she is not attacked while visiting the doctor or pharmacist."

She is only the second British woman to ever be told she will die behind bars, the first was Moors Murderer Myra Hindely.

West has always maintained her innocence, and has attempted to appeal against her convictions. However this was rejected and she announced in 2001 that she wouldn't appeal again, although she still claims she is innocent.

Source: Daily Mirror; Daily Star

Featured Image Credit: PA

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