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​The Queen Cannot Be Prosecuted And Doesn't Even Need A Licence To Drive

​The Queen Cannot Be Prosecuted And Doesn't Even Need A Licence To Drive

The royal fam have been a pretty hot topic lately. After Prince Harry got engaged to Meghan Markle, that's just about all anyone's been talking about, with details of how he proposed, what the ring's like, the fact that, like most royals, they're distantly related and even what the stag do might turn out like.

But while all that's been going on, her Maj just been sat at home, quietly basking in all of her many powers - including some you never knew she had.

Like, for example, did you know that she is immune from prosecution? That's because of sovereign immunity, or crown immunity, which is a legal doctrine stating that the sovereign or state can't commit a legal wrong, and is therefore immune from criminal prosecution. Not that we really expect she's going around breaking laws left, right and centre - like waving a Greggs sausage roll around pretending it's a penis.

She also doesn't have to have a driving licence to be able to drive - which is a bit of a stinger given that some of us (ahem) have to take five tests to pass. Yeah, getting your driving licence may be a massive ball ache for the rest of us, but luckily for the Queen it's not something she has to worry about.


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Along with no driving licence, she doesn't need a passport to travel overseas.

"As a British passport is issued in the name of Her Majesty, it is unnecessary for the Queen to possess one. All other members of the Royal Family, including The Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince of Wales, have passports", as the official website of the British monarchy explains. So, she basically doesn't need one because she's like: 'Bitch, please. I issue this shit!'


Other powers, as The Independent reported, include being exempt from FOI (Freedom of Information) requests, being able to fire the whole Australian government, being head of the Church of England, having her own private cash machine, her own personal poet, signing laws, creating lords and forming governments. She also owns all of the swans in the River Thames, along with any dolphins in British waters.

And let's not forget that she's also the lucky git with two birthdays - we're all jealous of that one. You can keep all the swans and dolphins and all that, but we really wouldn't mind having that second birthday, ta.

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