There Are Strict New Rules For Anyone Flying To The US

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There Are Strict New Rules For Anyone Flying To The US

The US has beefed up its airport security checks, meaning travellers to the country could be facing interviews before they can fly.

The new rules will be implemented from tomorrow and will affect 325,000 passengers per year, according to CNBC.

A spokesperson from the US government said the new security measures will 'impact all flights', which could mean travellers will be questioned about the purpose of their journey by airline staff, or asked to fill out a form with their details.


The new heightened security measures will affect all flights into the US. Credit: PA

Passengers flying with Emirates will have to take part in 'pre-screening interviews at the check-in counter', whereas Air France will be issuing questionnaires to its US-bound customers, according to The Guardian.

This is seriously bad news for people like me who are completely innocent but fall to pieces when faced with authority.

Travellers may also be asked to switch off their electronic devices, including phones.


Lisa Farbstein, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), told the Guardian: "As we move forward, TSA will continue to work closely with our aviation partners and verify that all security enhancements are accurately implemented.

Virgin Atlantic has said the new rules won't disrupt customers. Credit: PA

"As threats continue to evolve, we and our partners around the world will continue to work together to improve intelligence sharing and standardise best practices, while also pursuing technological advancements that will make flying more secure for everyone."


A number of airlines affected by the new rules have tried to reassure passengers the new system won't cause delays.

In a statement, Virgin Atlantic said: "We work closely with US authorities to ensure the safety and security of our flights, and are aware of the additional measures - however, we do not anticipate any disruption to customers.

"We advise all customers travelling on our flights to arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure."


Some airlines will be opening check-in desks early to avoid delays. Credit: PA

However, other airlines have warned passengers to give themselves more time to get through check-in.

Norwegian Air, for example, has said its passengers flying to the States would receive instructions via text regarding the new procedures and that it would be opening check-in desks for US flights four hours before departure.

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