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Nigel Farage Pranked Into Wishing Happy Birthday To 'Huge Anus'

Nigel Farage Pranked Into Wishing Happy Birthday To 'Huge Anus'

It's not the first time the former UKIP leader has been trolled by people on Cameo

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This is the moment Nigel Farage wished a happy birthday to Hugh Janus... otherwise known as Huge Anus:

The former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader has set up Cameo, is charging people around £75 ($103) for a personalised video and, it seems, doesn't mind making a fool out of himself.

According to his profile on Cameo, the politician will respond to people in 12 hours, has a fan club of 2,000 people and has five star reviews from 225 people.

His bio reads: "They call me Mr Brexit... some people say I am controversial, and I couldn't care less." Which was proved in this latest clip.

In the 20 second video that recently surfaced on TikTok, he can be heard saying: "Happy birthday Hugh Janus. I've heard you're a massive fan of shzwheelie [TikTok star] and her battle against Cal the Dragon [another TikToker].

"How could I help to make sure shzwheelie wins the war against Cal and his garden gnome army? And this is from the lads... lads... lads... happy birthday."


The clip was shared on TikTok where it has been watched over 170,000 times as well as receiving over 18,000 likes and more than 550 comments.

One of them reads: "He knows what he's saying but he's getting 75 quid for a 20 second video so he isn't complaining."

Another asked: "What has happened to Nigel?"

While a third wrote: "He must be so confused."

Another commented: "Only people getting baited here are those who give this man £75 quid to say something and make u think he had no idea."

It's not the first time Farage has been trolled (kind of) on Cameo. Back in March a Syrian refugee requested him to pass on his congratulations to his 'friend' for making a 'perilous' boat trip.

Sending a tongue-in-cheek request to Farage, Hassan Akkad wrote: "Please say congratulations to my friend Mohammad for being granted asylum im the UK after his perilous boat crossing.

"Please wish him a peaceful life here and that him and his wife have many kids."

In his response to Akkad, Farage said: "I am not for channel crossings."

Referring to Farage's trip last year to 'investigate' four-star hotels temporarily housing asylum seekers, Akkad replied: "Sorry Nigel but Mohammad really likes you because he used to see you on the coast all the time from his hotel in Dover and he thinks you are very good looking."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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