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Nurse Left Looking Like 'Elephant Man' After Botched Lip Job

Nurse Left Looking Like 'Elephant Man' After Botched Lip Job

The mum-of-one had never been happy with her 'thin' lips and wanted a fuller look.

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A young mum is warning people against lip filler treatment after she says her swollen lips left her looking like the 'Elephant Man'.

Billie Roocroft, 23, had never been happy with her 'thin' lips andg after seeing celebs flaunt their own, she decided to go for a fuller look.

But she says the £120 ($94) offer for 1ml of filler, which was given in her living room, by a mum and daughter, left her swollen, in pain, and racing to A&E.

Billie, from Horwich, Greater Manchester, said: "My lips swelled that big within half an hour of the beautician leaving, they looked like they were going to pop.

"My top lip was a lot bigger while my bottom lip was touching my chin - I looked like The Elephant Man.

"My lips were stinging and felt really sore from the stretching, I felt like crying as my neck, jaw and throat were hurting too."

Billie was left waiting in A&E for seven hours.
Kennedy News

The mum-of-one contacted Belissimo Rivington Aesthetics, which administered the treatment, and told them what had happened, but they said it could have been an allergic reaction to the numbing cream.

Billie added: "My mum looked after my little girl, who was two at the time, while I went to hospital. As I was putting her in the car she was a bit scared and just stared at me.

"I went to A&E with my hands over my face. When the receptionist asked what was wrong I couldn't talk so just showed her.

"I was really upset when I was checked out by the doctor as he told me he couldn't promise that it would go down, I thought I was going to be stuck like that forever."

The young mum wants to warn people about the dangers of lip fillers.
Kennedy News

After a seven-hour stay at Bolton Hospital's A&E she was given a steroid injection and a course of painkillers, which helped return her lips back to normal.

Billie, who is now an auxiliary nurse, had the procedure done in January 2017 and wants to warn people to do their research before going under the needle.

She said: "I wouldn't advise people not to have them done. I'm not against it, I just don't think they look good massive.

Billie says she has had her lips done again and is happy with the results.
Kennedy News

"Don't go to just anyone. Make sure they are qualified and registered nurses, they know exactly where to inject."

Billie says she has since had her lips redone and is much happier with how they turned out.

A spokesperson for Belissimo Rivington Aesthetics, said that Billie was "well aware of the possible risks and accepted liability for them prior to her treatment."

They said: "There is always a risk that a client could suffer an allergic reaction to dermal fillers. This can happen once and may never happen again.

"We always make sure the client is aware of this before treatment and clients do sign a dermal filler consent form."

It is also understood that The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) is currently campaigning to change the law so that lip fillers have to be prescribed.

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