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Pictures Show Drinkers Outside Wetherspoons At 8am As Pubs Reopen Today

Pictures Show Drinkers Outside Wetherspoons At 8am As Pubs Reopen Today

Those hardy few that made sure they were first in the queue

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

As the pubs of England reopen today, pictures have emerged of the hardy drinkers who were so determined to get their pints that they arrived at their local Wetherspoon pub for 8am this morning to make sure of being first in the queue.

Sixty-three-year-old Martin Sherrell turned up outside The Berkeley in Bristol earlier today - which has been dubbed 'Super Saturday' - so that he could get a bite to eat at 8am before the booze went on sale at 9am.

Now, he's keen to point out that he'd usually go to The Commercial Rooms with his mates, but that's not open so he's headed for The Berkeley instead.

Any port in a storm, eh?


Martin and his mates were actually the only three people in the pub at opening time today, but you can bet that it'll start to get a whole heap busier as the day progresses.

In case you're wondering, Martin went for a bottle of Magners cider first up, and he aims to have a few more as the day wears on.

Martin explained: ""I had an early night last night in preparation. I set the alarm for 6am - but I was up at 5.15am.

"I've barely slept since I heard the Prime Minister's announcement that pubs could open.

"I was joking that I would have camped outside if it wasn't raining!"


"Me and my mates usually meet a couple of times a week, but we haven't been to a Wetherspoon's since March. We've been drinking there for years.

"There was just the three of us and three workers when it opened. I think they're expecting more later."

He continued: "I'm being sensible about it though. We all are. I'm a full-time carer for my mum. I've got a mask with me.

"I've had a nice bottle of Magners cider - I do like them. I'll have a couple more."


The pubs reopening today comes alongside a whole heap of relaxations to lockdown measures.

As well as being able to get a pint - although it's completely different for now - you can also get a haircut as of today, which many of us probably need as much as a nice cold pint.

However, a LADbible poll recently discovered that around half the people who responded wouldn't be rushing out to do either of those things, preferring to stay at home instead of getting their barnet chopped or hitting the town.

What a sensible lot you are, really.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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