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Police Break Up 70-Person 'Rave' With DJ During Lockdown

Police Break Up 70-Person 'Rave' With DJ During Lockdown

The police force said it was 'shocked that people would care so little'

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Police in Telford shut down a party in a park yesterday evening after around 70 people turned up, completely ignoring social distancing measures.

West Mercia Police said a DJ had set up for the 'rave' at Granville Country Park yesterday before officers arrived to break up the party at around 8.45pm.

Telford Police said on Twitter that one of the would-be party-goers told an officer they had attended the party as they were 'sick of self-isolation'.

Posting on Twitter, Telford Police said they were 'shocked' to find people who seemed to care so little.

The post read: "We are attending a mass gathering/rave at the Granville park. I'm told 70 people here! We have worked so hard and sacrificed so much and this group decide it doesn't apply. I'm shocked that people would care so little.

In follow-up tweets, they added: "I asked one of them why they came to this event. [They replied:] 'I'm sick of self isolation.'

"They had a DJ set up and [it] appears to be pre planned. We dispersed them for now. The image is of a few leaving. I couldn't take pictures of them close up as we don't name and shame.

"Just to clarify. We don't fine unless there is no other action open. We engage and explain. We asked the group to disperse and they did. We would ask anyone who is thinking of organising one of these events to think of the bigger picture. Please refer to the government guidelines."

Lockdown measures were relaxed slightly this week, allowing for unlimited exercise or to sunbathe, as well as meet up with another person from outside your household - as long as you stay two metres apart.

However, public gatherings of more than two people who are not from the same household are still not permitted - apart from in certain circumstances such as essential work purposes or for a funeral.

Lockdown has been eased in the UK this week, with small protests against the measures taking place across the country.

Meeting up with a bunch of your pals down the park and arranging for a DJ to get the party started is still very much not allowed.

Anyone found flouting the rules could be whacked with a fine of £100 for a first offence, rising up to a maximum of £3,200 for a repeat offender.

Last, week it was revealed that more than 14,000 fines have been handed out over lockdown breaches.

According to figures released by the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC), between 27 March and 11 May a total of 14,424 fixed penalty notices were recorded in England and Wales.

This number breaks down to 13,445 in England and 799 in Wales.

Across the whole of England, the Metropolitan Police recorded the greatest number of fines, with 906 handed out.

National Police Chiefs' Council Chair Martin Hewitt said: "The vast majority of people continue to do the right thing, which protects the NHS and helps save lives.


"The figures show our approach is proportionate with just 0.02 percent of the population in England and Wales being issued with a fine.

"I want to thank people for continuing to follow the regulations - I recognise it's not easy and that this is a challenging time for us all. Our approach of - engage, explain and encourage, and only as a last resort, enforce - will continue. It is working across the UK. I urge the public to keep going, keep following the advice.

"Officers are working hard to keep us all safe from the full range of crimes in what remain challenging circumstances so we would ask everyone to work with us and remember that if you need our help we are here for you."

Featured Image Credit: Telford Cops/Twitter

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