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General Election 2019: Voters Say Schools And Hospitals Are More Important Than Brexit

General Election 2019: Voters Say Schools And Hospitals Are More Important Than Brexit

Looking after the UK's schools and hospitals is more important than Brexit, according to a poll of more than 5,000 LADbible followers.

The general election is just weeks away, and as the main political parties start to publish their manifestos, the LADbible audience have been having their say on the big issues.


In a series of Twitter polls, schools and the NHS topped Brexit as the big issue - with strong support for politicians to address climate change too.

In Monday's poll, which attracted 5,845 votes, schools and the NHS gathered 49 percent of the vote as the most important issue; followed by Brexit with 40 percent.

Student tuition fees got six percent and worker's rights scored 5 percent.

Across the rest of the week, we asked the audience which parties had the best approach to each of those issues.


When it came to schools, hospitals and other public services, Labour bagged the most votes of the 12,360 cast.

The Conservatives came second with 32 percent of the vote, followed by LibDems (eight percent). Eleven percent voted 'Other' - with SNP or 'none of the above' popular suggestions.

The Labour party has committed to a £26bn uplift in NHS funding by 2023/24, including a £2bn mental health infrastructure fund. The Tories say they will sink an extra £20bn into the NHS and insist they will not carve it up and sell it off.

The LIbDems plan to put an extra 1p on income tax to deliver a £3.9bn spend on the NHS - specifically, recruitment.

The following day, workers' rights was the topic up for discussion. After more than 10,000 votes were cast, Labour again came out on top, with 54 percent.

The Conservatives claimed second place again, with 30 percent, followed by the LibDems and the Green Party, both with eight percent).

On student tuition fees and higher education, more than 8,000 people gave their verdict, and Labour managed to grab 55 percent of the vote on that one. Tories again followed, with 28 percent, LibDems got their seemingly mandatory eight percent, with nine percent going for 'Other' - although 'none' seemed to feature heavily in the comments.

The final big issue was Brexit. Out of a total of 8,579 votes, the majority thought Labour had the best approach, with 41 percent. Leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that the party will give the public a choice between leaving with a deal he negotiates or remaining, in a new referendum.

The Conservatives - who want to leave the EU with their current deal if they get a majority - garnered 33 percent, ahead of Jo Swinson's LibDems (14 percent), who will revoke article 50 and keep the UK in the EU.

The Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage, got 12 percent of the vote.

Over on our Instagram feed, when asked if they were going to vote on December 12, 51 percent said Yes and 49 percent said No - from the 21,000 votes in total.

When asked what the most important issue was in this election, there were three clear winners: NHS, Brexit and Climate Change, Honorable mentions went to housing, poverty/social service funding and education.

We also asked our Instagram audience who they thought came out on top in the televised debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn - with the verdict split 50/50.

Instagram vote
Instagram vote

Check Your PMs is LADbible's countdown to the general election on 12 December. We'll be encouraging people to vote, looking at the issues that matter to our audience and asking YOU what you really think of politics in 2019.

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November 26 is final day you can register to vote - here's how.

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