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Portuguese Cop Drops Controversial Follow-Up Book On Maddie McCann

Portuguese Cop Drops Controversial Follow-Up Book On Maddie McCann

Kate and Gerry McCann are said to be relieved after news of another controversial book about the disappearance of their daughter, Maddie, has been dropped.

The McCanns have faced public outcry recently over many aspects of the case. Firstly, some have accused them over 'cashing in' on the case as it approaches a decade since the, then, three-year-old went missing.


Others have called for them to sit a lie detector test - with an online petition being set up.

And, all the time they face new theories into what happened on that fateful night in Portugal.

One man who has stood firm by his word is Goncalo Amaral, who led the hunt in the Algarve when Maddie vanished.

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Amaral, who has since won three court battles with the McCanns, claimed that Kate and Gerry faked the abduction of their daughter.

His book, The Truth of the Lie, which was never released in the UK, claimed that Maddie's parents faked the kidnap as a cover up as she had died in the family flat.

The book was released only three days after Kate and Gerry were acquitted of any wrongdoing.

Maddie's disappearance - the timeline

  • May 3, 2007: Kate and Gerry McCann dine in a restaurant with friends, checking on the children throughout the evening. At 22:00 Maddie is reported missing.
  • September, 2007: The McCanns are given suspect status for their role in the believed death of their daughter by Portuguese police.
  • July, 2008: They are acquitted by Portuguese court because of lack of evidence.
  • 2011: Scotland Yard open their own enquiry into the disappearance looking for new evidence.
  • 2013: E-fit images of suspects that Scotland Yard wish to trace, are released.
  • 2015: Operation Grange is scaled back.
  • May 3, 2017: The case will be 10 years old, with police no closer to finding what happened to Madeleine that night.

It was said that he planning a follow-up to the original book, this time looking at Operation Grange - the £10m Metropolitan Police probe into Maddie's disappearance.

His publisher and friend, Manuel Fonseca, told the Sunday Mirror: "There is no book. It doesn't exist, even as a draft. It may be he would like to work on a book some time, but for the moment that book doesn't exist."

Meanwhile, a source close to the McCanns said: "It will be a huge relief for Kate and Gerry."

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Another troubling book for Kate and Gerry could have seen them enter further legal battles - for which they already face a six-figure legal bill.

On May 3 2017, it will be exactly ten years since the missing toddler vanished in Portugal.

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