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Poundland Launches 'Nooky' Sex Toy Range Ahead Of Valentine's Day

Poundland Launches 'Nooky' Sex Toy Range Ahead Of Valentine's Day

The 'Nooky' collection is comprised of plenty to please both him and her

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Poundland has launched a range of budget sex toys ahead of Valentine's Day.

The 'Nooky' collection is comprised of plenty to please both him and her, and best of all - everything's just a pound!!

OK, that was a lie, it all costs several pounds, but who really wants to live in a world where you can pick up a seven-inch dildo for a quid?


Still, the titillating toys are all dirt(y) cheap, with the most expensive items priced at £8 - which is just a little more than a quid per inch.

A product description for the Bonkin' Bunny dildo reads: "Hop to it whenever you feel frisky and enjoy some bunny fun with the Nooky Bonkin' Bunny.

"You get double the pleasure with this fun-filled vibrator as the bullet shaft provides internal satisfaction, while the bunny ears tease and stimulate the clitoris bringing you a sensational two-in-one climax."

Butt plugs and finger vibrators are just £4, while clitoral vibrators and love beads cost double that.

Make sure not leave it out on the settee.

A full breakdown of the range is as follows:

  • Nooky finger vibrator - £4
  • Nooky butt plug - £4
  • Nooky 2in1 rabbit ring - £4
  • Nooky vibrating love egg - £4
  • Nooky seven-inch bonkin' bunny dildo - £8
  • Nooky g-spot vibrator - £8
  • Nooky bodysuit in white and black - £5
  • Nooky boxers, two pack - £5
  • Nooky love beads - £8
  • Nooky clitoral vibrator - £8

So what are you waiting for? Get pounding with Poundland (why that slogan hasn't been adopted, I have no idea).

Unfortunately, you can't buy them online, so you'll have to head in store.

Whether picking up a bag of beads to shove up/pull out of yours/someone else's a**e can be justified as 'essential shopping' I guess is a matter of perspective. They certainly aren't included in essentials hampers.

People seemed to find the X-rated toys rather amusing in a post on the Extreme Couponing and Bargaining UK Facebook page.

One person commented: "Is it found in the DIY section by any chance?"

Another said: "Probably your last Valentine's Day with your girlfriend when you hand her Poundland presents. Don't think there will be any sexy time."

A third added: "Don't be fooled, the ribbed condoms don't taste anything like ribs.... never again."

If you feel a four pound butt plug won't be sufficient to spice up your love life in lockdown, you can find tips from a sex expert here.

Featured Image Credit: Nooky

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