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Protestors Clash With Police At Tommy Robinson Rally In London

Protestors Clash With Police At Tommy Robinson Rally In London

Four people have been arrested so far and police are investigating another incident where protestors stormed a Megabus

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

It was hardly going to be an emotionless event when people organised a protest in London, demanding the release of Tommy Robinson from prison.

The former leader of the English Defence League was jailed last week for 13 months for contempt of court.

Hundreds of people descended on Trafalgar Square where the sentiment was one of anger and a feeling that the justice system had abused its powers in locking up the 35-year-old.

Dutch far right MP Geert Wilders told the crowd: "I am here to tell you that you will never walk alone. And we are here to tell the world, and the UK government in particular: 'Free Tommy Robinson!''


"At this very moment thousands of people are demonstrating all over the world in front of British embassies...all with one important message 'Free Tommy'."

Footage on social media does indeed show people at different embassies around the world protesting, albeit in much smaller numbers.

But while the chants and speeches remained civil for a bit, eventually the crowd clashed with police. During the mayhem, a bunch of people crowded onto a Megabus and did not hold back.


A spokesperson for the company has released a statement, saying: "The bus was stormed by demonstrators and the driver and a small number of customers got off.

"The demonstrators have caused a significant amount of damage to the bus which meant it had to be towed away.

"We have reported this to the police and will help them with any investigations."

Four people have been arrested so far, with two being taken into custody for assaulting a police officer, one for possessing an offensive weapon and another for having a flare.


Hilariously, whether this was just a case of bad planning or sheer coincidence, but the location of the rally was on the same path as London's Naked Bike Ride. Can you imagine the angry British-flag waving protestors copping a look at all that skin as the cyclists rode past?

When Robinson was arrested at Leeds Crown Court, the incident was filmed and shared on the activist's Facebook page.

At court he admitted committing contempt of court by publishing information that could prejudice a trial.

Robinson, real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was already under a suspended sentence over a contempt of court during a gang rape trial in Canterbury last year. Since the arrest and subsequent sentencing, there have been demonstrations at various locations around the UK.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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