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Pub Can't Open On 'Super Saturday' As Car Park Is In England But Bar Is In Wales

Pub Can't Open On 'Super Saturday' As Car Park Is In England But Bar Is In Wales

Welsh lockdown rules are different to English ones

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A pub has been banned from reopening today (4 July) on what has been dubbed 'Super Saturday', because although the car park is in England, the bar is in Wales.

Yes, The Old Hand and Diamond is on the border of the two nations, meaning that it's subject to different lockdown rules.

Regulars will need to wait until Welsh restrictions are eased, but landlord Ian Morris has said it's 'frustrating' that his 100-seat restaurant and pub can't open yet.

Wales News Service

However, people will be able to pass his pub, which lies on the the Powys/Shropshire border, to go to other pubs that are able to open just a couple of miles away.

Ian said: "The border comes through the car park.

"It is very financially challenging, to say the least. It has been a complete shutdown for us."

Ian will need to wait until at least 13 July, when Welsh beer gardens can open. But unlike in England, there has still been no word on when restaurants and pubs can welcome guests indoors.

Beer gardens can open in Wales from 13 July.
Wales News Service

Ian continued: "It is very frustrating. Even reopening under social distancing rules would mean less income but the same outgoings.

"Everyone thinks it is going to be great, but it will not be the same experience.

"We will be losing two-thirds of our customers but we have still got to run a business.

"It is going to be very difficult times ahead, I don't think people understand. But I hope some people enjoy their pints on the English side."

There's certainly the appetite for a pint or two in Wales, as we saw a few days ago when crowds of drinkers descended onto the streets after a pub reopened to sell takeaway pints

The Village Bar Café in Swansea reopened on reduced hours to serve takeaway pints, following government guidelines, but things got out of hand when word spread and 'hundreds' of people turned up.

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The bar's owner Martyn Jenkins said he acted within the guidelines and that local authorities supported his decision to reopen.

He said he launched the trial reopening to try and bring some life back into the local area and his business.

However, he admits that the trial 'has not turned out as we planned' and says the bar has now stopped trading at weekends.

But locals weren't happy with the crowds, with some complaining about the lack of social distancing.

Featured Image Credit: Wales News Service

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