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Fury As Pub-Goer Admits ‘We’re Clearly Not Social Distancing But It’s Kind Of Fun’ In Interview

Fury As Pub-Goer Admits ‘We’re Clearly Not Social Distancing But It’s Kind Of Fun’ In Interview

The drinker in London has come under fire after the clip went viral on social media

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A London pub-goer has come under fire on social media after admitting in a TV interview: "We're clearly not socially distancing... but it's kind of fun."

Speaking to Sky News, the man was stood outside a bar in central London celebrating the reopening of bars and pub across the UK following the coronavirus lockdown.

The man was stood on a crowded street in Soho and was surrounded by three friends who were all stood close together.

The group could be abiding by the rules (if they all live together or are from just two separate houses), but the man clearly pointed out that they weren't following government-implemented guidance and it didn't go down well on the ol' Twitter.

One said: "For the millionth time and maybe the last, it might not be you who is at risk from going on a ventilator, it is everybody else that comes in contact with you and anything or anyone you have come in contact with that is at risk you selfish, self-righteous ****!"

Another added: "I understand the need to socialise, especially when you're young & feel invincible but let's hope these words don't come back to haunt him."

Someone else wrote: "As if the NHS staff have nothing better to do than look after them. The people they go on to infect will be unlikely to agree that it's 'kind of fun'."

On Friday (3 July) it was announced that pubs and bars across England could reopen from 6am on Saturday morning (4 July).

Some pubs made the decision to only take bookings for two or three hour slots in a bid to have a steady flow of clientele, while also enabling them to keep the number of punters in manageable figures - and keep the risk of spreading coronavirus to a minimum.

Featured Image Credit: Sky News

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