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Pub Landlord Posts Brutally Honest Advert New Staff

Pub Landlord Posts Brutally Honest Advert New Staff

An expert advised his current staff to join a union

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A pub landlord from Teesside who is looking for new staff has posted a brutally honest advert on social media.

Craig Harker runs The George Pub and Grill in Stockton and needs five new members of staff to work in three of his pubs before they reopen to the public.

Harker calls it a 'no bulls*** job advert', I'm guessing in the same way that people who hold offensive opinions are just 'saying it how it is' - you know the sort.

Craig is a self confessed a***hole.
Evening Gazette

He's after a 'kitchen chef', two bar staff, a pot washer and an 'apprentice front of house' for work across the three pubs.

In the ad, the employer says that the lucky successful candidates would be working for an 'a*** hole', in case that wasn't already clear.

It reads: "Yes you'll be working for an a*** hole but who isn't these days lol but I'm a fair one and everyone who works for me now enjoys being here."

Craig - who was responsible for last year's weird campaign where he challenged people to 'punch their ex in the face for a steak' - tells interviewees not to go with 'chipped fingers nails', 'scraggly hair' or 'just been on a session red eye'.

Last year, Craig said that 'the PC brigade has gone nuts'.

It continues: "Come looking to impress me. If you come and your clothes are creased to bits then I won't be having your lazy a*** anywhere behind my bar. Look good feel good."

And if you want to apply for the 'bar person' role at The George, you need to have some top bantz.

The ad continues: "If your banter is like a wet flannel and you can't hold a conversation for more than a minute then please get yourself back on Indeed looking for a factory position or anything that doesn't involve customer facing contact and is away from us.

"I don't have the time or patience to teach someone how to be sociable just because you've played Call of Duty for the last 10 years instead of having proper mates."

You also need to be able to drive (or presumably live somewhere near the pubs) as he doesn't want you to be 'relying on the buses as you'll have a long cold wait'.

Craig told LADbible: "Anyone who took offence to the ad clearly isn't suitable for the positions within any of my bars and has done its job in preventing them from applying.

"They can spend the next few months playing Call of Duty, saving me time and resources in recruiting the right people to improve the team."

And while you might still be creasing from that Facebook post, an expert says that you might want to think twice.


Speaking to LADbible, TUC employment rights expert Tim Sharp said: "Bragging about being a lousy boss may be one way to court publicity.

"But it's nothing to be proud of, and a terrible way to get the best out of your workers.

"Everyone deserves to be treated decently at work regardless of what kind of job they do.

"I would encourage staff working at Mr Harker's pubs to join a union."

And if you still think you genuinely have no other option, the advert is here.

Featured Image Credit: Evening Gazette