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​Pub Rebrands Itself As The Three B***ends In Government Dig

​Pub Rebrands Itself As The Three B***ends In Government Dig

The site in New Brighton was formerly known as The James Atherton, but was given a radical new makeover this week

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A pub in Merseyside has rebranded itself as The Three B***ends as a way of lashing out against the government after restrictions were imposed in the area.

The site in New Brighton was formerly known as The James Atherton, but was given a radical new makeover in the wake of news that Merseyside would be placed into the 'Very High' bracket of the new three-tier lockdown system - in turn forcing pubs and bars, among other businesses, to close.

Along with brand new name signs, the pub also proudly displays a sombre image of the three 'b***ends' in question - Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his chief adviser Dominic Cummings and Health Secretary Matt Hancock - above its door.


Daniel Davies, chief executive of pub owners Rockpoint Leisure, told LADbible: "We changed the name because, for the second time, we had to sit down with all the staff and tell them that their future is uncertain.

"People have mortgages, they have commitments, and we're going to get 60 percent of the wages.

"It's a horrible thing having to sit down again with them and I was just getting more and more angry - just thinking, you know, they're just a bunch of b***ends!"

Saying he's extremely 'worried' about what the future holds for both his pub and others affected by the changes, Davies continued: "It's just another example of the north for Boris is Islington, and I think he's an absolute disgrace.

Daniel Davies.

"We're very concerned. We're fighters here and there's a strong community spirit, and we will do everything we've got... But it's not knowing whether we'll come out of this.

"They're not following all the stats I don't believe. Ditching everyone out on the street at 10pm is the most idiotic thing to do. Anyone who's in the trade knows that you want to let people leave in an orderly fashion over a period of time. That means you don't have a surge on for public transport and things.

"It's been one monumental bad decision after another.

"I just think people are getting beaten down, communities are getting beaten down. A lot of the smaller businesses just will not survive this."


One thing Davies isn't too anxious about, however, is local authorities getting in touch to demand he takes the signs down, or to change the pub's name back to its former moniker.

Explaining how he'd respond if they contacted him, Davies said: "I'll say, 'Well you need to replace the street lights in the town everywhere that you're paid to do and then you can come back and ask me to change'.

"I'm calling Three B***ends Three B***ends; I'm not massacring a village.

"There's a list of things I want the council to do before they start pulling out any lists for me.

"And if they do take that down I'll put something else up. 'Three Cocks', or something like that.

"Let's have a call for every pub - they're all quite imaginative - to think of variations that we can have as temporary name changes."

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