​Ravers Arrested For Trying To Tear It Up At Abandoned Toys R Us

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​Ravers Arrested For Trying To Tear It Up At Abandoned Toys R Us

The UK has a distinguished history of underground, secret and often illegal raves. Well, thanks to the police officers of Hounslow Response Teams B and C, would-be ravers at an abandoned Toys R Us in the West London borough were denied the chance to etch their names into the history book.

The police shut down the rave on March 31 over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, arresting five of the organisers and seizing their sound system.

That left the party-goers with little to no chance of a party at 'Raves R Us', as the famous toy brand's logo was edited to say, apparently as a bit of banter by the operators of the police department's Twitter account.


The police later warned potential attendees on Twitter not to travel to the area as police were turning people away.

The massive rave, as it had been planned, didn't even have the chance to get started at the boarded-up Toys R Us at Hounslow's Bulls Bridge Industrial Estate before the police showed up.

The famous toy store, one of the world's biggest kids' retailers with more than 1,500 stores in 33 countries, announced that it had gone bankrupt in September and is set to close or sell off almost all of its stores in the UK and US.

It recently announced plans to have all its remaining stores closed by Tuesday 24 April.


That means there's less than two weeks to get yourself down there and get a damn good bargain.


The closures mean that a lot of the goods are being sold at massively discounted prices. If you fancy a bike, car seat, stroller or action figure then Toys R Us should be your one-stop shop right now as they are all being listed at half price across the stores.

Simon Thomas, Joint Administrator and Partner at Moorfields, the administrators who are now managing the company, told the Mirror: "The stores across the county will be open as usual until the last day of trading and we would encourage shoppers to make the most of the great deals on offer.


"Extended discounts of up to 70 percent are in place from today and offers are available on some of our best-known brands."

What are kids of the future going to do without Toys R Us and a chance to bezz around the aisles in a Cozy Coupe? Either way, the business' creditors have said they're having difficulties selling off the stores.

Fingers crossed for a few converted warehouse clubs. Who wouldn't want to rave at Toys R Us?

Words: Nathan Standley

Featured Image Credit: PA

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