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Real John Lewis Replies After Being Messaged About Christmas Ad

Real John Lewis Replies After Being Messaged About Christmas Ad

The department store launched its festive commercial this week

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

John Lewis launched its Christmas advert this week, which means one thing: a nightmare for the man who shares his name with the department store.

Yep, every year, the 'real' John Lewis spends his days replying to people who keep accidentally messaging him on Twitter, thinking they're posting about the UK chain.

And this year is no different, with poor John being contacted by strangers.

But fair play to him, he always seems to take it in good spirits and replies kindly.

After receiving some praise for this year's commercial from one person, who said, 'Well done', John replied: "Thank you. The special effects were the biggest challenge @johnlewisretail."

The confusion is a tradition that people look forward to almost as much as Christmas itself, with dozens of people piling into the comments.

One user said: "Literally been looking forward to the JL Christmas advert - just to see your comments."

Another chimed in: "And you're back! Hope you're ready for the deluge."

"I bet you're delighted this has started two weeks early this year," put a third.

While another added: "And all of a sudden, I'm reminded that this is how I know it's Christmas soon."

A couple of years ago, John even got to star in his very own Christmas ad.


The spoof shows John's annual tradition of taking to Twitter to respond to as many of the tweets with him tagged in that were really meant for the UK store.

Talking about the ad, John said: "I think it's hilarious that people mistake me for the UK store and I do my best to direct them to the right place.

"I see a massive spike in tweets at this time of year and I always watch the John Lewis advert, especially as it becomes a huge part of my Twitter conversation.

"I find it absolutely fascinating that Twitter UK has chosen me to star in their Christmas film.

"Hopefully people will be kind about my acting skills, I am no Elton John but who knows maybe I'll get tweets about my own film this year."

John Lewis

This year's John Lewis ad hit out screens yesterday (4 November), which means it's time to start getting ready for Santa.

In past ads we've seen anthropomorphic toy penguins, the man on the moon and an over-excitable dragon.

This year's is titled Unexpected Guest and features an alien named Skye who crash lands in the middle of the woods right in the middle of the festivities.

Skye befriends a young teen called Nathan who shows her all the best traditions of the season - including decorating a tree and wearing novelty jumpers.

Unexpected Guest is sound-tracked by singer and songwriter Lola Young covering the 1984 hit Together - and if previous years are anything to go by it's sure to earn itself a place in the UK charts soon.

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