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Schools Can Take Inset Day Next Friday And Break Up Early

Schools Can Take Inset Day Next Friday And Break Up Early

Schools Standards Minister Nick Gibb said this was an opportunity to give teachers a 'proper break'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Schools will be told that they can take an inset day on Friday 18 December in a bid to allow teachers to have a 'proper break'.

This will also mean that there will be six days (including the weekend) for teachers to be contacted before Christmas Eve.


Teaching staff are expected to be available for the first six days of the holidays to help with contact tracing and informing families if they need to isolate over the festivities.

School Standards Minister, Nick Gibb, explained that the move to allow inset days to be used will in turn make way for a 'proper break' without having to 'engage in the track and trace issues' on Christmas Eve.

According to The Sun, Mr Gibb told MPs: "We are about to announce that inset days can be used on Friday December 18, even if an inset day had not been originally scheduled for that day.

"We want there to be a clear six days so that by the time we reach Christmas Eve staff can have a proper break without having to engage in the track and trace issues."

Nick Gibb.

Taking to Facebook, one parent said: "My kids school is allowing parents to take there kids out three days early finishing on the 15th instead of the 18th and do remote learning from home. Those who choose to stay at school will complete same learning packs."

Another suggested: "I personally think all schools should finish this week. To allow teachers and children a chance to sort of isolate so they stand a chance of seeing elderly/family members."

Another outlined their own plans: "My boy finishing my choice this Thursday that's exactly 2 weeks until the Christmas Eve. I'm not getting any calls from school to self isolate over the Christmas period."

LADbible has contacted the Department for Education.


Earlier this year, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced that GCSE and A-Level exams in England will be going ahead next summer, although 'most' of the examinations will be delayed by three weeks.

Williamson said that he hoped this move would give students 'more time to prepare' and 'a chance to catch up on education lost due to Covid-19'.

He added: "We know that exams are the fairest way of measuring a student's abilities and accomplishments, including the most disadvantaged.

"We want to give our young people the opportunity next summer to demonstrate what they know and can do."

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