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Records Reveal That Scottish Parents Are Naming Kids After Game Of Thrones Characters

Records Reveal That Scottish Parents Are Naming Kids After Game Of Thrones Characters

OK, we know Game of Thrones is popular. It's probably the biggest show on TV, but do people really like it that much that they'd name their kids after someone on the show?

The answer - of course - is yes.


Throughout the course of some internet digging, it is possible to discover a list of every single name that a child was given in the UK in the past year. We were lucky enough to discover such a list for Scotland.

To begin with, if you go looking for these statistics, you could very easily lose an entire afternoon. There's a lot of fun to be had with looking at what other people have called their kids.

Let's get some FAQs out of the way. There were some kids born in Scotland during 2018 given the name Keith, Gary, and Ian. No Sharons or Muriels, mind.

Yes, there was a Cher.
Yes, there was a Cher.

So, to Game of Thrones related names.


Obviously, names like Jon and Ned haven't been considered. They're names already. However, names like Khaleesi - not a real word outside of Westeros - are counted.

In 2018, one Khaleesi was born. As was a Khaleesi-Marie. There you have it.

To be quite honest, some of them are quite obscure, even in the world of Game of Thrones.

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Remember Oberyn Martell? He got his head crushed in by The Mountain in one exciting GoT episode. You've guessed it, someone named their kid Oberyn.

There is a Rhaegar, named - barring some extremely bizarre coincidence - against the deceased relative of Daenerys Targaryen.

On top of that, there are a couple of kids called Bran. That's not shortened, just Bran. Oh, and a kid called Khal. Khal (as far as a cursory internet search can tell) wasn't a name before GoT.

That leads us to assume that this kid is named after Jason Momoa's gigantic, grunting character Khal Drogo.

If we're being fair, the Game of Thrones related names don't even scratch the surface. If it's Star Wars you're into, there were two kids called Anakin and one called Kylo in 2018.

Football? No problem. There was a Zidane and a Salah, depending on which club you're into. One kid was even called Anthony-Joshua. His parents must know, surely.

Wonder who is the boxing fan in that relationship?

It seems a bit underwhelming after all that, but there were also kids called Lucifer (delightfully devilish) and - slightly luckier - kids called Marvellous, and Awesome.


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