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Search And Rescue Team Pulled Drunk Man From River Twice As Pubs Reopen

Search And Rescue Team Pulled Drunk Man From River Twice As Pubs Reopen

The 'intoxicated male' jumped into the River Medway before he was rescued - then jumped back into the water

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Pubs have reopened and everyone's giddy but there's always one that takes things too far... in this instance it's a bloke who needed to be rescued from a river - not once but twice.

The 'intoxicated male' jumped into the River Medway in Maidstone, Kent, on Saturday evening around 9pm.

Rescue teams have described the reveller's actions as 'sheer stupidity', as they explained how they went to save him as he was shouting 'help me, I can't swim'.

Facebook/Kent Search & Rescue

Kent Search & Rescue had been out patrolling as pubs opened for the first time since the coronavirus lockdown yesterday.

They already anticipated issues to arise and explained how, once they rescued the anonymous man, he jumped back into the river once again.

Two rescue boats were sent to help him but he ran off as further Search & Rescue medical teams arrived.

A spokesman for Search & Rescue said: "We can't believe the sheer stupidity of this individual. He not only put his own life at risk but twice caused rescue teams to put their lives at risk in an effort to help him.

"The majority of those out in Kent tonight have had a great time and enjoyed the pubs reopening."

On 23 June Boris Jonson announced that pubs would be able to open their doors again from 4 July.

Many venues are letting people book two hour slots and visitors can only be in groups of six, from a maximum of two separate households.

But a LADbible poll of 18,230 people found that 59 percent of people would not be heading to pubs as soon as they open because they think it's too soon.

One person who wasn't worried about getting to the boozer was Jimmy who, on necking his first pint, compared his first sip of Carling to 'an angel p**sing' on his tongue. Fair enough, fella.

Jimmy was one of the first people to pop into his local The Shiredale, in Harpurhey, Manchester, and he said: "It's brilliant being back, it takes some getting used to.

"I was on nights, finished my shift and came straight in. Went home, had a shower and came in. Having my first Carling was like an angel p**sing on the tip of my tongue. It's great that it's back on draught. I'm sick of cans in the house."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Kent Search & Rescue

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