Shocking Footage Shows Gang Throwing Fireworks At Each Other And Passing Cars

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Shocking Footage Shows Gang Throwing Fireworks At Each Other And Passing Cars

This is the shocking moment gangs of youths launched fireworks at each other in Birmingham city centre as residents watched on in horror:


Dressed all in black, the yobs hurled the explosives into roads, narrowly missing passersby and passing cars, on Saturday night (31 October).

Huge bangs were heard at around 9pm as the thugs set off the fireworks near apartment blocks and concerned residents raised the alarm with the police twice amid fears innocent pedestrians or drivers would be hurt.


Video footage captured the moment they were thrown into the road and a nearby resident that witnessed the commotion said: "I could see fireworks were being thrown at traffic and where passers by were walking and was really concerned someone would get hurt.

"I was considering phoning for an ambulance too as I was so sure someone would be seriously injured. I phoned the police twice because they hadn't come after half an hour, and the responder said they were dealing with a number of similar incidents in the area."

Stock image of fireworks. Credit: PA
Stock image of fireworks. Credit: PA

The youths - one wearing a bunny mask over their face - also sparked terror with locals in Masshouse apartments as they ran around shouting and shooting off fireworks at 'head height'.


A stunned resident at the Masshouse apartments witnessed the thugs throwing the fireworks at one another near to Aston University.

The 25-year-old explained: "I was just having dinner and heard a loud noise outside, I ran onto the balcony to see what was happening.

"There was probably eight or more people running, dressed all in black, one of them had a bunny mask. I didn't really know what was going on, I was scared that a wayward firework would come up near the balcony.

"They literally ran round there firing fireworks at head height, exploding on the street as they ran up past Aston University. They were firing fireworks forward at a group.


"They were loitering around the bottom of the apartments, from their conversations it sounded like there were two different groups chasing after each other."

Neighbourhood police Inspector Noeleen Murrin, said: "We were alerted at 9.25pm on Saturday night (31 Oct) to people letting fireworks off in the street around Priory Queensway and again later near Moor Street.

"A police unit drove through the location shortly afterwards and there was no sign of the people involved. We will be looking at CCTV to see if any of the offenders have been caught on camera."

A petition calling for the general sale of fireworks to be banned has garnered over 300,000 signatures. Parliament will debate the matter on 2 November 2020 according to the government's website.


A response from 5 November 2019 reads: "The Government takes the matter of fireworks safety seriously. This includes protecting consumers and the public. Laws are in place to control firework availability and use."

Featured Image Credit: BPM Media

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