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Snow And Cold Weather Forecast For The UK On Easter Monday

Snow And Cold Weather Forecast For The UK On Easter Monday

Enjoy the sunshine while you can

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

After the UK basked in some early Spring sunshine last week, get ready for the situation to change almost completely as snow is set to sweep in over the next couple of days.

It's always an unpredictable time of year for the weather, but this year appears to have a particularly cruel streak - dangling the carrot of an end to winter in front of us before bringing it all back with a bang.

So, while many people will be enjoying temperatures that could reach up to 18°C on Easter Sunday, the mercury is set to plummet ahead of Easter Monday, even bringing snow to some areas.

Not great if you'd planned to use the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions to meet up in a garden tomorrow. Bring your big coat, because it could be as much as 10°C colder tomorrow.

The rain and higher wind speeds will arrive earlier across the north of England and in Scotland, while that snowfall is expected in Northern Scotland and the East of England.

The weather so far this Easter has been fine.

Temperatures could go as low as 7°C on Monday, and those higher up places could see as much as 15cm of snow as well, with a yellow warnings in place from 6pm on Sunday until midnight on Monday.

Sky News weather presenter Nazaneen Ghaffar explained: "So far the Easter weekend has been fine and dry for many, but by the end of Easter Sunday a cold front will spread across Scotland and southwards over the rest of the UK and Ireland through Sunday night.

"On Easter Monday the front will clear the south and then bitterly cold northerly Arctic winds will develop everywhere.

"It'll therefore be a cold day for early April with temperatures ranging from 3 to 6°C (37.4 to 42.8F) for Scotland and up to 7 to 8°C (44.6 to 46.4F) elsewhere.

"But the wind chill will make it feel more like below freezing for northern and eastern coastal areas and around 1 to 4°C (33.8-39.2F) elsewhere."

So, enjoy it whilst you can.

Oh great.

It's a far cry from the temperatures in the low 20s that much of the UK enjoyed earlier on this week. Of course, the cr*p climate would sweep back in on the bank holiday, wouldn't it?

Don't worry though, things are generally heading in the right direction and everything will start to middle out once again over the next week, meaning that next weekend - the last before the pubs open up outside again - could see some decent temperatures for an outside bevvy.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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