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Takeaway Goes Viral For Hilarious Rant About Customers Not Opening Their Doors

Takeaway Goes Viral For Hilarious Rant About Customers Not Opening Their Doors

“Who the f*** do you think it is? Did you forget you ordered a Chinese?"

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A Chinese takeaway in Northern Ireland has gone viral after a hilarious rant about customers who fail to answer their door, with the owner jokingly threatening to 'f****** knock it in'.

The Rice Bowl in Derry found the time was right to give people a 'gentle reminder' about etiquette when it comes to expecting a delivery.

A 4 January Facebook post from the takeaway's owner, Mr Chang, asked people not to 'shout to each other' inside their house or 'shout upstairs at other people' while the delivery worker stands on the doorstep.

It said: "When you order delivery from Chinese, suddenly hear a knock on door! Please open the door.

"Do not shout to each other from behind the door or shout up stairs at other people before opening your door!"

Deadline News

It continues: "Who the f*** do you think it is? Did you forget you ordered a Chinese?

"Did you not get a notification from Ricebowl App that read: 'Your order is on the way.'

"It's hardly the TV licence man or NIE looking for magnets at this time of night.

"If you don't answer your door then I am going to stop knocking on your door and I am going to f****** knock it in."

I mean, whoever isn't running to the door faster than you can say 'crispy chilli beef' when they've ordered a Chinese is an absolute wrong'un in my eyes.

The Facebook post has racked up hundreds of reactions and comments, but was also shared on Twitter - where it's been liked more than 33,000 times.

Deadline News

Chang, 45, has since admitted his plan has since backfired a little - as customers have now started to troll him by deliberately not opening their doors.

He said: "This kind of thing would happen at least once a week, usually at the weekends, although the problem seems to be worse more recently.

"More and more people are not answering their doors.

"Since I wrote that post, things have got worse.

"Now half of my customers will not answer their doors and I can hear them laughing and shouting from behind their doors just to try to annoy me.

"They think they are smart, they can't annoy me by doing that as I have their food in my hand and they have already paid for it.

"Sometimes it gets to me, usually when I am tired and it is near the end of the night and I just want to go home.

"Last thing I want is people not answering their door.

"Now they even send notes when they order on my app so as to try to annoy me."

Chang is known for his outspoken Facebook posts, having also gone viral last year after placing a fake front on his shop to make it look like he was open while he was out of the country.

CCTV footage captured the scenes as drunken punters tried to gain entry to the closed takeaway, much to Chang's delight.

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