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The Royal Photo Taken By Norfolk Woman Is Now Raking In Thousands

The Royal Photo Taken By Norfolk Woman Is Now Raking In Thousands

A photo taken by Norfolk resident Karen Anvil is now making her serious cash after she cannily started charging media outlets to use it.

You can turn any hobby into a business if you're savvy enough. That's certainly the case for Karen Anvil whose brief foray into royal photography is now making her an absolute mint.

Watlington, Norfolk resident Karen took a professional-looking snapshot of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on her iPhone SE as they enjoyed a Christmas Day service in Sandringham, at first sharing it for free on Twitter.

Twitter users quickly urged the mum-of-one to start charging for the photo, and she wisely did - in a decision that has so far made her around £5,000 ($6,700) for licensing in the UK alone. Wowzers.

According to TMZ, the £5,000 figure the photo has earned Karen only takes into account the cash it's generated in the UK, and doesn't include the other seven territories the photo's circulated in so far.

While the figures for the other territories - including the US - haven't been fully calculated yet, Karen confirms that she's set to earn a lot more. No doubt she's in for a Happy New Year.

Karen's quick thinking has brought her a lot of attention at home and abroad - in recent days she has been interviewed on Sky News, Good Morning Britain and the NBC news show Today.

The 39-year-old hospital worker said that she plans to use the money raised from the photo to fund some of her 17-year-old daughter Rachel's education.

Speaking with LADbible, Karen stressed that she's just a normal mum who loves her daughter and her dog. She even plans to celebrate her 40th birthday in March by going to The Walking Dead's Walker Stalker Con in London.

"For me, £50 and I was buzzing. I can get a kebab later," Karen told LADbible. "The support on Twitter has been amazing."

"When I started, I was giving away the photo. I was like, 'Yeah, sure you can share it'. To me, it didn't mean anything. I didn't just see it as a money-making thing."

Describing herself as 'naive' at first, Karen has been forced to wise up to the world of hard-nosed agents and TV interviews very quickly.

"I was still a bit embarrassed, asking for money from a Twitter photo," she said. "I'm not thinking about papers - I'm thinking about buying Rachel Doc Martens."

Looks like Karen's venture into royal photography is proving to be a very lucrative one for her indeed.

Maybe she should consider giving up her two jobs to join the paparazzi at this rate.

Featured Image Credit: Karen Anvil/Goff Photos

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