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Thousands Line Brighton Seafront For 'Peaceful' Black Lives Matter Protest

Thousands Line Brighton Seafront For 'Peaceful' Black Lives Matter Protest

The organisers said the event was a 'peaceful silent protest where we stand in solidarity'

Thousands of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters lined Brighton seafront in a 'peaceful' protest today (Saturday).

Those in attendance were asked to wear face coverings and black clothes, and observe social distancing. Protesters formed a mile-long line along the seafront and held signs brandishing messages such as 'The system is broken'.

Thousands of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters line Brighton seafront in a 'peaceful' protest today.

Speaking ahead of the event, organiser Ellie Ruewell said: "We will be lining the closed Madeira Drive road along the seafront to show solidarity to all BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of colour) communities who continuously and tirelessly have their human rights challenged and fear dangerous oppression from authorities and governments alike.

"I need to again stress this is a peaceful, silent protest where we stand in solidarity."

And it seems the demonstration turned out as planned.

Protester James Butler told the Brighton and Hove Independent: "It was amazing to see so many people come out in support of this cause. The atmosphere was peaceful and the vast majority of us were wearing masks.

"The idea that it isn't enough to be non-racist, but actively anti-racist, really resonated with me, and that's why I felt it was important to act now."

Brighton and Hove City Council has also pledged to become an 'anti-racist council'.

In a statement, it said: "We must recognise that, as a Georgian town, our wealth and comfort is built on the sugar trade and enslavement. We pride ourselves on being a leading city on diversity and a place of sanctuary where people from all backgrounds can call home.

"We can't be blinkered to the fact that moving around the city our BME residents see memorials to historic racism and oppression. We will not sweep this under the carpet. We need to recognise and educate ourselves and our visitors.

"As a major UK tourist destination, we can influence and educate many."


The demonstration was in sharp contrast with protests in London, where nationalists chanting 'England' and 'God save the Queen' clashed with police.

Thousands gathered in the capital despite police warnings, congregating around the likes of the Cenotaph war memorial in Whitehall and the statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square, which was boarded up earlier this week.

Footage shows crowds throwing punches and drinks at officers, who used batons to keep them at bay. Additional footage appears to show demonstrators doing Nazi salutes.

Home Secretary Priti Patel condemned the 'thoroughly unacceptable thuggery'.

She said: "Any perpetrators of violence or vandalism should expect to face the full force of the law. Violence towards our police officers will not be tolerated. Coronavirus remains a threat to us all. Go home to stop the spread of this virus & save lives."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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